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Chapter 769: 769

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769 Where Did the Cat Come From

Xue Fanxin carefully made a pot of braised demonic beast meat for Ye Jiushang and some roasted fish for Little Meow.

Guan Xiaoyan smelled the fragrance of meat in the hall and was salivating. In the end, he couldn’t help but run to the kitchen to take a look. “Young Miss Xue, when can I eat it? It’s too fragrant, too fragrant. It’s so fragrant that I’m salivating.”

“Yours is already done. It’s over there. Take it and eat it,” Xue Fanxin said as she pointed at the pot of noodles beside her.

Seeing the pot of boiled noodles, Guan Xiaoyan’s face darkened. He complained fiercely, “Why is mine only boiled noodles? I clearly smell very, very fragrant meat. No matter what, you have to give me some, right?”

“You can’t eat that meat, or your nose will bleed, so go eat boiled noodles.”

“Who would believe such nonsense? Please, please. Just give me a few pieces of meat. Just a few pieces. This meat is too fragrant. If I can’t eat it, I won’t be able to sleep tonight…”

“You won’t be able to sleep even more after eating it.”

“How is that possible? I don’t care. You have to give me a few pieces of meat, or I’ll block this place and not let you out.” Guan Xiaoyan childishly blocked the door just to eat meat.

Xue Fanxin was completely speechless. After thinking about it, she handed one of the spicy chickens made from ordinary chicken to him. “This is for you. After eating, wash the dishes yourself.”

“Alright, alright, alright. No problem. I…” Guan Xiaoyan was holding a plate of spicy chicken in his hand. Just as he was about to grab a piece of chicken to eat, he realized that there was a kitten eating roasted fish in the kitchen. The roasted fish looked even better than the spicy chicken in his hand.

When did he have a cat in his villa?

Where did this cat come from?

“Where did this cat come from?” Guan Xiaoyan asked, staring straight at the roasted fish that Little Meow was eating. If not for the fact that it had already been eaten by a cat, he would definitely snatch it for himself, because the fragrance of the roasted fish was also very tempting.

“Meow…” The white cat rolled its eyes at Guan Xiaoyan. There was serious disdain in its gaze. It took a glance and continued to eat its roasted fish, not taking Guan Xiaoyan seriously at all.

Xue Fanxin, on the other hand, was busy placing the food she had prepared on a tray. As she did so, she said, “It’s my cat, called Little Meow. It’s very powerful, so don’t provoke it casually. Alright, this plate of spicy chicken and noodles in the pot are completely enough for you. Eat slowly by yourself.”

Only then did Guan Xiaoyan see clearly how rich the food in Xue Fanxin’s hand was. The huge pot of red braised meat made him salivate. There were also two other dishes that looked extraordinary.

“Sister Xue, your food…”

“This is for my Ah Jiu, so don’t think about it. Eat your noodles and spicy chicken well.” Xue Fanxin smiled leisurely and left with the dishes.

“Sigh… I…” Guan Xiaoyan still had something to say, but unfortunately, Xue Fanxin had already disappeared. Apart from him, there was only one cat left in the kitchen, and it ignored him.

He was the Young Master of the Guan family. No matter where he went, he would always be elevated. He would definitely enjoy the good things first before it was anyone else’s turn.

But now, he was eating worse than a cat. How tragic.

“Hey, is your roasted fish delicious?” Guan Xiaoyan asked Little Meow foolishly.

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Little Meow rolled her eyes at him again and ignored him, continuing to eat her fish.

Guan Xiaoyan felt that he was so stupid to be talking to a cat. He smiled bitterly and carried the spicy chicken in his hand to the dining room outside to eat, taking the pot of noodles with him.

No matter what, it was good as long as there was food to eat.


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