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Chapter 828: 828

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828 A Storm in the Kitchen (1)

The news that Consort Dowager Jing had been stripped of her position and thrown into the cold palace had long spread.

Xue Fanxin woke up early in the morning and heard such a huge gossip in the kitchen, so she asked around curiously, wanting to know more about Consort Dowager Jing.

Initially, she had some doubts. After all, Consort Dowager Jing and Ah Jiu had a special relationship. Even if she wanted to die, she would not do it so quickly. However, who knew that this matter was absolutely true? Even the previous emperor’s imperial edict had been issued. Consort Dowager Jing had already been locked up in the Cold Palace.

She had only found out last night that Consort Dowager Jing wanted to join forces with the Empress to deal with her. Why were they taking a curtain call already?


Could it be Ah Jiu’s doing?

Apart from Ah Jiu, no one could make Consort Dowager Jing collapse so quickly.

“Who cares! Anyway, it has nothing to do with me. Uncle Hao, have you prepared the ingredients I want?” Xue Fanxin was going to hold a large-scale gathering today, so she had gotten Mother Ruan to instruct the kitchen to buy ingredients last night and come personally to pick up the goods this morning.

This was the first time she had treated people to a meal in the Mystic Realm Imperial City. Of course, she had to put in some effort. The quality of the ingredients was very important. Anyway, she had already planned to use an entire day to prepare for the gathering. She would do some more important things herself.

“Your Highness, the ingredients you wanted are all prepared. They’re all here. Please take a look.” The people in the kitchen had not expected Xue Fanxin to come and get the ingredients herself and were a little flattered, but they had all vaguely heard that their consort had a very good temper. As long as you were polite to her, she would not deliberately make things difficult for you.

“These ingredients are not bad, and the sauce is also very good. Uncle Hao, thank you so much. Also, everyone who works in the kitchen, thank you!” Xue Fanxin thanked the staff in the kitchen very sincerely, then carefully checked the ingredients. Be it vegetables or fish, they were all very fresh, and there was even a Rank Five demonic beast that had already been processed.

The demonic beast meat was more delicious and nutritious than ordinary meat. It could also be used as a cultivation resource.

However, demonic beast meat was too rare. The higher the level of the demonic beast meat, the rarer it was. Only experts above the Saint Realm could defeat this Rank Five meat demonic beast. It could be seen how precious it was.

Uncle Hao was in charge of purchasing ingredients. He knew that Xue Fanxin was organizing a gathering today, so he was especially attentive to the ingredients today. Furthermore, his luck was good. He happened to bump into someone coming to sell a Rank Five demonic beast, so he bought it.

Of course, the Lord’s Estate paid for the demonic beasts. How could he afford them?

“This is a Rank Five demonic beast!” Xue Fanxin had never seen a Rank Five demonic beast before. Now that she had seen it, she definitely had to take a good look.

But at this moment, two maidservants chatted as they walked into the kitchen. The moment they entered, they saw the Rank Five demonic beast meat on the table, so they said arrogantly, “We want ten kilograms of Rank Five demonic beast meat. Hao, quickly cut out ten kilograms for us.”

“Miss Chunying, Miss Chunhong, the Consort wanted this demonic beast meat, so I can’t give it to you,” Uncle Hao said bluntly. He looked at Xue Fanxin beside him and secretly sympathized with these two arrogant maidservants.

Although there were not many people in the Lord’s Estate, there were still quite a few. All the rooms and courtyards would come to him to collect ingredients.

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Chunying and Chunhong were distant relatives of Steward Zhao. The two of them had been working in the estate for less than a year, but they had already learned to rely on Steward Zhao’s name to act tyrannically. Normally, everyone would not dispute with them on account of Steward Zhao, but the more this was the case, the more arrogant the two of them became. They even treated themselves as the master of the Lord’s Estate and did whatever they wanted.

However, these two little girls were going to be unlucky today.

Xue Fanxin remained silent for the time being. She watched the development of the matter and saw how arrogant these two maidservants could be.


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