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Chapter 836: 836

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836 Gathering Banquet (3)

Heilong, Hai Feng, and Zimo had never eaten Xue Fanxin’s dishes, but they had all heard from Heiyao how delicious the consort’s dishes were.

Previously, they did not believe it and were not interested.

But now, when they saw the exquisite and tempting delicacies placed on the table, they really could not control themselves.

They had accidentally… really, accidentally, eaten some food when no one was paying attention.


With that taste, they were bewitched.

“Woman, woman, the three of them are secretly eating.” Little Lei watched the dishes on the table closely, as if they were treasures guarding him. If anyone dared to move, he would immediately jump up and fight them to the death.

“Aren’t the three of you ashamed? All of you are important people with status, background, and face. How dare you eat secretly? How improper!” Xue Fanxin deliberately reprimanded them.

However, this mature tone, when compared to the innocent smile on her face, made her look extremely cute, making people feel relaxed.

“Uh… it was just an accident.”

“Yes, yes, yes. It was just an accident.”

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“It’s just…”

Everyone rolled their eyes at the three of them and continued with their work.

There was strength in numbers. A sumptuous meal was prepared not long after. There was quite a lot of meat roasted on the roasted meat rack by the side. Mother Ruan and Liu Qing did as Xue Fanxin said and flipped the roasted meat and seasoned it.

“Woman, woman, can we eat now?” Little Lei had long sat in his seat and could not wait to eat.

However, Ye Jiushang did not move his chopsticks, so he did not dare to move!

If his master was not around, he would have started eating long ago.

“Yes. Everyone, let’s eat.” Xue Fanxin got everyone to eat, but she did not sit down. Instead, she went to the side and took out a pile of things that no one knew what were before fiddling with them.

“Your Highness, what are you doing? What are these things?”

“I’ll play a movie for you. Eating and watching a movie at the same time. That’ll be awesome.”

“What’s a movie?”

“It’s similar to the ones performed on the stage, just a little higher-class,” Xue Fanxin replied perfunctorily and continued to do her own thing.

She had plundered everything in the small supermarket in the Green Bull Villa. Among them were televisions, batteries, sound systems, music, videos, and so on that had already been downloaded. Now, as long as she combined these things, she could play a movie for everyone to see.

Of course, these things were limited resources. They could not be used again after the battery ran out.

Before long, a clear scene appeared on the huge television screen. Apart from Ye Jiushang, everyone was extremely shocked, as if they had seen a ghost.

“Why is there someone in this thing?”

“There’s music inside.”

“Quickly look, quickly look. Those two people are fighting. Their strength is really bad. They only know some lousy skills and are still fighting there. How boring.”

“Wow… This person actually knows how to fly on a sword. How did he do it?”

“Those women inside are wearing too little…” Apart from the two points on the top and a little below, they were not wearing anything else. They were too little, too little.

Dude, that’s a bikini.

Xue Fanxin listened to the group of people’s chatter and did not respond. She found a funny movie to play and sat down to eat with everyone.

Hearing everyone’s laughter, she felt an indescribable sense of happiness.

Being happy alone indeed was not as good as being happy together.


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