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Chapter 841: 841

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Chapter 841 – 841 A Tragedy

841 A Tragedy

Su Baifeng used the Soul Seizing Art on Heiyao and tempted him with the charm technique, attempting to control Heiyao’s consciousness.

Heiyao sneered secretly, but he pretended to be captivated and obeyed Su Baifeng. “I’m willing.”

Hearing Heiyao’s answer, Su Baifeng smiled smugly. She gently touched Heiyao’s cheek and said evilly, “Then tell me, is your master in the Lord’s Estate now?”



“Then is Xue Fanxin also in the Lord’s Estate?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“What are they doing in the residence?”

“Drinking, singing, and chatting.”

The more Su Baifeng asked, the darker her face became. Just the thought of Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin sticking together like glue made her so jealous that she was about to go crazy.

Why could Xue Fanxin obtain so much love from Jiushang?

Even if she were given a little of this love, she would not have come to this point.

If Xue Fanxin had not appeared, all of this would have belonged to her, to her, to her…

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The more Su Baifeng thought about it, the more hateful she became. She took out a small bottle from her interspatial ring and handed it to Heiyao. “I want you to give this to Xue Fanxin at all costs.”

“Yes.” Heiyao’s acting skills were extraordinarily good, very good. At this moment, he was completely like someone whose soul had been sucked out as he took the small bottle Su Baifeng gave him and put it away.

Even now, Su Baifeng did not see anything wrong. She thought that she had successfully controlled Heiyao. Furthermore, she was very confident in her Soul Seizing Art, so she did not doubt that Heiyao was pretending now. It was precisely because of this that she dared to speak and do things in front of Heiyao fearlessly.

“Xue Fanxin, I want to see how tragic your death will be this time. You definitely can’t win against me. Since the matter of consorts and concubines doesn’t affect you at all, I’ll kill you directly and see how you can snatch Jiushang from me.

“Soon, I’ll crush you under my feet and take back everything you stole from me. At that time, the only person who can stay by Jiushang’s side will be me, only me, only me… only me, Su Baifeng.”

Back in the Heavenly Saint Empire, she had known that Ye Jiushang’s identity was extraordinary, but she did not know his exact identity.

After coming to the Mystic Realm, she realized that Ye Jiushang was actually the most noble Ninth Imperial Uncle of the Ye Dynasty. Even the emperor of the Ye Dynasty was afraid of him.

The Tongxuan Continent was ruled by the Ye Dynasty. This meant that Ye Jiushang was already the highest person on the entire continent.

If she could become Jiushang’s woman, she would definitely be able to stand at the top of this continent. At that time, whoever dared to go against her would die without a burial place.

“Go back. When you get back, immediately use all means to make Xue Fanxin eat it. Remember, you have to do this at all costs, even if you have to pay with your life.”

“Yes.” Heiyao nodded mechanically, then turned around and slowly walked back. He only stopped after walking far away and then he turned back and smiled coldly. Then, he used his fast movement technique and returned to the Lord’s Estate in a few blinks of the eye.

He was one of the five great leaders of the Black Shadow Guards. If he did not have any ability, how could he have gotten to his current position?

Although Su Baifeng had some strength, she was unfortunately too stupid and self-righteous, so she was destined to be a tragedy.

He had contributed quite a lot today. When he returned, his master would probably exempt him from his punishment.


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