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Chapter 868: 868

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868 Xin’er Is Amazing

Over the past two days, Ye Jiushang had been refining the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor. Because the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor was constantly resisting, he needed to expend a lot of effort to suppress it, causing the refinement speed to be much slower. He had only refined a little after two days.

The Shadow Clan’s ancestor knew that his final outcome would definitely be being refined by Ye Jiushang. It was only a matter of time. However, even so, he would become a difficult bone to chew on and make Ye Jiushang break a few teeth.

“Ye Jiushang, no matter what your background is, if you want to refine me now, you will have to pay a huge price.”

Just as the Shadow Clan’s ancestor was going crazy in Ye Jiushang’s body, a strange flute sound suddenly sounded. The flute sound made him very uncomfortable.


With his experience, he quickly knew what the tune was.

“Damn it, it’s actually the Curse of Vengeance… Which damned person is playing the Curse of Vengeance?”

The Curse of Vengeance was a musical curse specially used to deal with vengeful spirits. The stronger the power of the curse, the more lethal it would be to vengeful spirits.

The Shadow Clan’s ancestor was only a remnant soul now. At this moment, he was being refined by Ye Jiushang. Even if the Curse of Vengeance that came from outside was not very powerful, it still had a huge impact on him. His vengeful spirit remnant soul was about to be torn apart by the curse.

“Ah… Stop playing, stop playing.”

Xue Fanxin was playing the Curse of Vengeance outside the house. When she heard the Shadow Clan’s Old Ancestor’s tragic cry, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly as she smiled smugly. Then, she played the Curse of Vengeance even harder and even used the Reverse Spirit Art to assist her.

“Ah…” As the power of the Curse of Vengeance became stronger and stronger, the Shadow Clan’s ancestor felt that his remnant soul was really about to be torn apart. He was in extreme pain now. Just enduring that pain was already very difficult. He did not have the ability to resist Ye Jiushang at all.

Therefore, much of his remnant soul was quickly refined, and it was perfectly refined.

“Ah… How could this be? Which damned person is playing the Curse of Vengeance?”

When Ye Jiushang began refining the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor, it was very strenuous. He might even fail. Although the chance of failure was very low, it was still possible.

Now that Xin’er had the help of the Curse of Vengeance, there was no chance of him failing in refining the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor. Furthermore, it would become much easier.

Xin’er was amazing!

“No… No…” When the last bit of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor’s consciousness was refined, he let out an extremely unwilling scream. His tone was filled with regret, but that was all. Next, he no longer had any power to resist. He turned into a ball of power for cultivation and was slowly absorbed and refined by Ye Jiushang.

After Ye Jiushang refined the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor, the power in his body increased explosively. The speed of increase had already far exceeded his expectations. It was something he could not bear now.


In a moment of desperation, Ye Jiushang called out to Xue Fanxin outside the door.

When Xue Fanxin heard Ye Jiushang’s cry, she immediately stopped playing. She quickly entered the room and came to Ye Jiushang’s side. “Ah Jiu, what’s wrong? Your expression is so ugly. Are you feeling unwell? Do you want me to take a look at you?”

“It’s too late… Three leaves of the Tree of Life, the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus, and the bud of the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid.”

Initially, the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid could only be used when they bloomed, but the situation was urgent now, so they could only use the bud.

Although the effects were greatly reduced, it was better than nothing.


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