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Chapter 880: Chapter 880 - 880 Something Happened

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880 Something Happened

Ouyang Xiangxiang felt that being pointed at and insulted on the streets was already unbearable, but who knew that what happened later would make it even more difficult for her to accept?

She had only used a little honey trap and pretended to be pitiful. Why…

“You slutty fox, slut. My husband must have died because he used something you refined, you jinx.”

“Such a scum has appeared in the Ouyang family. How unlucky.”

“Isn’t that so?”

“This woman still has the face to come to the Imperial City and even want to see the Master of the Purple Cloud Tower. Who does she think she is?”

“Bad woman, slut…”

More and more people surrounded her. Later, someone actually threw vegetables and eggs, and someone even poured foot-washing water on her, making Ouyang Xiangxiang look as miserable as possible. She did not even have time to dodge or escape. They surrounded her and kept humiliating her.

In the beginning, Fifth Uncle Ouyang wanted to speak up for Ouyang Xiangxiang and take her away, but the situation was getting more and more chaotic. It was not something he could control at all. He was extremely angry. He really shouldn’t have brought Ouyang Xiangxiang out.

Although the exposure of the condensate iron incident had a huge impact on the Ouyang family, this matter was only done by Ouyang Xiangxiang. Everyone in the family thought that no matter how big the matter was, it would not be too big. However, after they came to the Imperial City, they realized that this was simply an outrage.

“Stop throwing, stop throwing…” Ouyang Xiangxiang was very helpless. She did not know why things had become like this. While she was angry, she also fantasized about her male lead appearing and saving her from trouble.

Her prince charming, when would her male lead appear?

At this moment, Xue Fanxin was in a tea house opposite the Purple Cloud Tower. She sat by the window upstairs and admired the exciting scene of Ouyang Xiangxiang being attacked with vegetables and eggs.

“Not bad, not bad. The Purple Cloud Tower is really efficient. They can create such a detailed show so quickly. How satisfying!”

Ye Jiushang, on the other hand, had an indifferent expression. From the beginning to the end, his gaze was on Xue Fanxin. “What do you plan to do with her? Play slowly or get rid of her immediately?”

“Initially, I wanted to play slowly, but Su Baifeng and Yi Fentian’s lesson made me understand a principle. When you have the chance to destroy your enemy, you must seize the opportunity to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

Previously, she had been unable to kill Su Baifeng repeatedly because Su Baifeng was too lucky and had repeatedly escaped from her.

Fortunately, Su Baifeng did not cause any trouble and did not hurt the people around her. Otherwise, she would not even have a place to cry.

Ouyang Xiangxiang was a vain person. Her goal in coming to the Imperial City was definitely to climb up the ranks, so she would definitely find out everything about the high officials and nobles in the Imperial City. Ouyang Xiangxiang would definitely be interested in Ah Jiu’s noble and mysterious identity.

Because of the Grand Preceptor’s wife, her reputation in the Imperial City was not small. Furthermore, she was related to Ah Jiu and was the Ninth Imperial Consort of the Ninth Lord’s Estate. She believed that Ouyang Xiangxiang had already heard the name ‘Xue Fanxin’.

“Ah Jiu, what do you think Ouyang Xiangxiang will think after she finds out about my existence?”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of thoughts she has. If you want her to die today, she won’t live to see tomorrow.” Ye Jiushang still looked indifferent. He casually looked out of the window without any expression.

Xue Fanxin also looked out of the window and smiled evilly. “I don’t have time to waste with her, so I’ll get rid of her today.”

Pei Xiangxiang, no one will save you today…

Just as Xue Fanxin was emitting a cold aura, something unexpected suddenly happened downstairs.


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