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Chapter 891: 891

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891 Ten Laps a Day

Xue Fanxin watched as a purple light barrier flashed in the sky above the bamboo house. With the bamboo house as the center, everything within a five-kilometer radius was protected by a barrier.

When the barrier was set up, the purple light disappeared. It was impossible to see with the naked eye. However, once someone barged into the barrier, they would immediately be sent flying.

“Ah Jiu, what exactly are you doing? Are you bringing me here to train or to travel?” Xue Fanxin looked at the exquisite bamboo house in front of her and then at the beautiful scenery around her. She felt like she was on a field trip.

It was quite good to come and play, but Ah Jiu had said that he would take her out for demonic training, so the possibility of playing was not high.


Just as Xue Fanxin was thinking about how to play, a certain lord said solemnly, “From tomorrow onwards, you will run ten laps around the edge of the barrier every day for ten days. Get used to the environment today and training will begin tomorrow.”

“Ten laps a day… Isn’t that a little too much?”

One lap was at least 15 kilometers. Wouldn’t ten laps be more than 150 kilometers? She would die from running.

“One day is enough for you to finish running ten laps. If you can’t finish, you’re not allowed to eat.” Ye Jiushang suddenly became a strict teacher. He tapped Xue Fanxin a few times with his hand. “Your cultivation and spirit energy have already been sealed. In these ten days, you have to rely on your physical strength to complete the training.”

“Ah Jiu, I’ll really die of exhaustion like this.”

“With me around, you won’t die.”

“Boohoo…” Xue Fanxin felt like crying, but she also understood that if she wanted to become stronger, she had to suffer.

Ye Jiushang knew that such training was too difficult for Xue Fanxin, but only then could she be reborn. Therefore, even if his heart ached, he had to bear with it. He said to her nicely, “Your cultivation level has increased too quickly recently. In a few months, you have already advanced from the Spirit Awakening Realm to the Great Spirit Master Realm. The foundation of every realm has not been stabilized. This is definitely not a good thing for your future cultivation. A person’s true strength is not only measured by the level of their cultivation level, but also by the strength of their body and the strength of their limbs. Apart from your cultivation level, you are far from enough in all other aspects.”

When Xue Fanxin heard Ye Jiushang’s words, she lowered her head in shame. “I understand.”

Although she had a certain foundation in martial arts, as her cultivation level increased, that foundation was no longer of much use.

Perhaps because her days had been too comfortable and relaxed recently, she had become a little lazy.

That wouldn’t do.

“You can take a walk around the vicinity now and familiarize yourself with the environment. The training will begin tomorrow and last for ten days. By the way, hand the little stone man to me.”

“Okay.” Xue Fanxin took the little stone man out of her space and handed it to Ye Jiushang.

The little stone man was originally asleep. He only woke up in a daze when he was moved out of the space. When he opened his eyes, he saw that it was Ye Jiushang. Then, he lay in his palm and continued to sleep.

Ye Jiushang looked at the little stone man in his hand and walked into the bamboo house.

Xue Fanxin had a bitter expression. She did not follow Ye Jiushang back to the bamboo house. Instead, she looked around and walked around the vicinity. She wanted to familiarize herself with the environment first and start her demonic training tomorrow.

There were quite a few high-level demonic beasts in the depths of the Moon Burial Ridge. However, because of the barrier, those high-level demonic beasts were all rejected. There were also some small demonic beasts in the barrier, but they were the type that ran away from people.

Not only were there demonic beasts, but there were also quite a few ordinary spirit herbs. Occasionally, one could see a few precious spirit herbs.

Xue Fanxin walked in the green forest, playing with a blade of grass in her hand. As she walked, she accidentally noticed that an injured sable had been entangled by a few relatively tough grass vines. It was entangled all over and could not break free.

Seeing this, she slowly walked forward, planning to save the little sable.


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