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Chapter 894: 894

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894 The Last Lap

Xue Fanxin ran for an entire day. Her legs were sore and her feet were blistering. She had yet to finish running ten laps.

At this moment, the sun had already set and the sky was about to turn dark, but she was still one lap away from finishing her run.

“Perseverance is victory. There’s still the last lap. All the best.” Xue Fanxin cheered herself on. She held on to her body, which had already reached its limit, and forced herself not to collapse.

She did not run at all during her last lap. Instead, she walked slowly and moved step by step. With every step, Xue Fanxin had to bear the heart-wrenching pain from her feet.

The sky gradually darkened. Many small animals had already returned to their nests. Only some small animals that were not afraid of the night stayed. They followed Xue Fanxin boredly and watched her walk forward with difficulty.

They really wanted to ask this strange human why she was running around the forest. It was already dark, and she was already so tired and her feet were bleeding. Why wasn’t she going home to rest?

After spending a day with Xue Fanxin, they were no longer afraid of her. At this moment, they were all following behind or by her side, as if they wanted to understand why she did not rest at this point.

The sky quickly turned completely dark. The night in the forest was much darker and colder than elsewhere.

However, she was still half a lap away from finishing, so Xue Fanxin had to persevere. However, when she saw the cute little things beside her, her mood instantly improved, and she did not feel so tired anymore.

“Thank you for accompanying me, but it’s already dark. Go home quickly lest you meet baddies.”

Although Ah Jiu had already set up a barrier here and some high-level demonic beasts could not enter, there would still be ferocious demonic beasts.

If these little things still ran around outside when the sky turned dark, they would easily become food for other demonic beasts.

The little fellows did not understand what Xue Fanxin was saying, but they all had some intelligence, so even if they did not understand, they could roughly guess what she was talking about.

Running around in the forest at night was indeed very dangerous. If they were not careful, they would become food for other demonic beasts, so it was best for them to go back now.

When a few little fellows heard Xue Fanxin’s words, they obediently returned to their nests.

But at this moment, something strange happened in the surroundings. On the way back to their nest, a little guy had been attacked by a ferocious wolf and was already in its mouth.

“Awr awr…” The little thing struggled and called for help with all its might, but it was too weak to break free.

Just as the little thing thought that it was going to become food for the ferocious wolf, a rock suddenly smashed over and hit the ferocious wolf’s head.

The ferocious wolf was a little dizzy from the impact. For a moment, it could not bite the little thing in its mouth. It loosened its teeth and the little thing ran away.

The little thing did not run towards its nest. Instead, it ran towards the person who had smashed the rock and hid behind her.

Xue Fanxin heard a sound here, so she rushed over to take a look. She saw that a little thing was being bitten by a ferocious wolf, so she picked up a rock and threw it.

She had originally thought that after smashing a rock, it would be good if the ferocious wolf escaped by itself. This way, she would not kill it. After all, this was the rule of nature to pounce on food. There was nothing wrong with the ferocious wolf catching food like this.

However, after the ferocious wolf was smashed, it did not escape. Instead, it adjusted its state and emitted intense hostility towards Xue Fanxin. It even attacked. Its ruthless gaze seemed to be saying, “How dare a weak human without cultivation ruin my plans? I’ll use you as an additional meal today.”


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