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Chapter 342

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Chapter 342 - Messed with the wrong guy (1)


“Fuck off!”

When Lee Gun spoke the words, the Divine world immediately trembled.


Getting an ominous feeling, Hades instinctively put more strength into the ability he was using. He tried to make Lee Gun his Construct before Lee Gun could do anything. However, Lee Gun was faster.



When Lee Gun unleashed his power, the shadow of the underworld tying him up like a rope was instantly obliterated.


Hades was sent flying by the pressure.


Hades raised his gaze and froze. The reason was Lee Gun’s appearance.

Lee Gun walked toward Hades without any weapon in hand, yet he looked completely different. Half of his body had turned into a bizarre shadow, which was burning like a flame. It was a terrifying flame, looking at it was gazing at pure destruction. Then, the burning shadow raged violently as if it would swallow up the castle.


The enormous power shook the palace of Osiris, and Lee Gun continued walking forward in a terrifying manner.

[What about stage 6?]

“Ah… Ah!”

[I will kill you.]

Monstrous eyes flashed within the shadowy half of Lee Gun’s body, almost making Hades scream.

‘What the hell is that?’

Anubis and Osiris shook from fear.

‘Wait a moment. That is…!!’

It was unbelievable, but there was no mistaking it.

Stage 5 was the maximum level of Divine status that the gods were able to evolve to. The Divine status on display was a step above that. It was an uncharted level!

‘Stage 6!’

A level that none of the Zodiacs had reached!

‘This is impossible. Even the Great Spirits can barely manifest that domain!’

Stage 6 was a monstrous domain that could make millions of Zodiacs yield. It was a domain that even the Great Spirits had a hard time handling, so it had been sealed. So how was that bastard able to….!

‘No. That isn’t important right now.’

Hades instinctively felt the danger, so he quickly raised his Divine power.

‘I’ll take Duat, then I can leave this place!’

If he couldn’t turn Lee Gun into his Construct, he would have to be satisfied with the gods of Duat!


Hades accelerated the already active skill of the Three Seeds of the Pomegranate. Osiris and Anubis, who were tied up by the shadows, started to scream.


“You’re a despicable and underhanded bastard!”

The energy surrounding them instantly changed.

[The Master of the Underworld and the Master of the Underworld Road have become the Construct of Hades.]

[The residents of Duat have become affiliates under Hades.]

Hades laughed after achieving his goal. He was about to move to his territory within the underworld, Tartarus, when…



[Where are you running away?]

Lee Gun violently grabbed the head of Hades, who had been trying to run away. He clutched Hades’s head as if he wanted to crush it, then slammed it into the floor!


Hades almost lost consciousness. He tried to escape from Lee Gun’s grasp, but Lee Gun had released his stage 6 Divine status and was too strong.

It was Death stage 6. This Divine status had long surpassed Hades’s Land of the Dead Divine status.

Therefore, Hades desperately increased his Divine power to escape Lee Gun’s grasp.



He was about to manifest his ability through his arm, but before he could do that, his arm was ripped away. Blood fountained out of him. Then Lee Gun ripped away Hades’s legs for trying to run away.



Hades groaned in pain as he glared at Lee Gun. 

Lee Gun roughly grabbed Hades by his face.

[So you’re the one who ripped away my friend’s face?]

The powerful grip dug in as if it wanted to rip away the god’s skin.

[I’ll rip away your face just like what you did to him.]

When Lee Gun put power into his hands, a scream rang out. The sounds of muscles being severed rang out as Hades clutched at his face. No, he couldn’t even touch his face.

As soon as his hand touched the peeled skin, an indescribable pain caused shrieks to emanate from his throat.

“You crazy bastard!!!” Hades bared his teeth as he activated his power.

[Master of the Land of the Dead has activated his Divine Achievement.]

[My Father’s Power is Mine (5 star)]

This was a special power. It was a bit different from the abilities used by the other gods. The moment the power was activated, changes started occurring in Lee Gun’s body.

[The power of the achievement that your opponent established is stealing away your Divine power.]

[Your power is being stolen.]

[Divine Power: 50%]

[Divine Power: 10%]

It was a stage 6 power. Just maintaining it drastically cut away at his Divine power. And now, Hades almost caused the stage 6 power to disappear.

Because of that, Lee Gun shouted, “Hey, Taeksoo! In truth, I really think highly of your skills. You know this, right? You’re my only partner!”

[Your disciple with high faith is moved.]

[Divine Power: 60%]

Lee Gun laughed as he continued to rip apart Hades’s body.


However, the Divine power didn’t last long.

[Divine Power: 12%]

Lee Gun shouted again, “Hey, Taeksoo! You shoot the bow much better than I do! You are the best!”

[Divine Status: 70%]

“Hey, Taeksoo! You might not know this, but I made a scrapbook containing all your achievements!”

[Divine Power: 80%]

“Hey, Taeksoo!! In terms of personality, kindheartedness, and appearance, I’m like your big brother, right?”

[Divine Power: 79.9%]

“What the hell? Why did it go down?!!”

It didn’t matter in the end.

Boo-hahk!! Boo-hahk!!

Lee Gun’s Divine Power was getting recharged endlessly. He laughed as he ripped apart Hades’s skin.

[Ha ha ha! Die, you son of a bitch!]

Hades felt like he was losing his mind from the frustration.

‘That bastard…!’

Divine Power was the energy of the gods, and it couldn't be refilled easily. It wasn’t like water.

Even if a god ate and rested for a year, merely 5% of their Divine power could be recharged.

This was why one had to drink Divine world’s exclusive potions or use all kinds of methods by working the Constructs. The gods had to work very hard to raise even 1% of their Divine Power!!

“That damn bastard is like a battery!”

Hades tried to kill Hugo. Hugo was the culprit that was allowing Lee Gun to run amok. Hades didn’t care if Hugo was a product to be sold. He didn’t have the luxury to quibble about such a thing. If Hugo were eliminated, Lee Gun would be unable to run amok like a mad dog!

Although not much was left of Hades’s body, the god still gathered the last amount of his Divine power to kill Hugo. He created a clone.

If he killed Hugo, he would stand a chance. At the very least, it’d create an opportunity. However…



A spear flew through the air to pierce Hades’s neck. The spear had come flying from the entrance.

It was Yooha, who had come down from upstairs. She glared at Hades with rage-filled eyes.

In the end, the clone disappeared, and Hades could only choke after having the spear pierce his neck.

Lee Gun approached Hades, emanating chaotic energy. He let out a menacing laugh.

Hades’s eyes turned bloodshot as he looked at Lee Gun. He seemed to know what was about to come.


Lee Gun’s hand pierced through Hades’s chest. He wanted to take out the core that contained Hades’s Divine status.

Like what he had done with the other 12 Zodiacs, Lee Gun could steal Hades’s Divine status.

Lee Gun’s eyes curved in laughter after he shoved his hand into the chest.

[Ah! I have such bad luck with guessing locations. I guess it wasn’t here.]


[Since my skill is locked, I can’t find it in one go.]

It seemed Lee Gun wanted revenge for Hugo. He purposefully stabbed all over Hades’s body.


He violently twisted, swirled, and pulled within Hades’s body. 

The pain was enormous even for a god. Hades choked in pain as he tried to grab Lee Gun’s arm. However, an appendage of Lee Gun containing Death was within Hades’s body. 

Hades’s abilities were erased whenever he tried to use his power. This was the power of Eliminate.

Some time passed like that.

[Ah! I finally found it.]


Lee Gun took out Hades’s core, whose location he had known from the start.



Without his core, Hades couldn’t breathe. He fell to the ground. His body struggled from the pain, and he started crawling away. 

Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he stomped on the god.


An incredible light surged upward.

[You have eliminated the Owner of the Land of the Dead.]

[A Divine Achievement has been recorded.]

Osiris and Anubis froze at this scene.

‘What is he? That is…!!’

Hades was a famous figure in Olympus, and Olympus was one of the eight great forces! He ranked in the top hundred in the Divine world, yet Lee Gun had killed him as though Hades were a bug?

However, they soon shook their heads from side to side.

‘This is good for us.’

Hades had used an underhanded method to turn them into his Constructs. They were the rare pillar gods of Ennead. Ennead would suffer damage if they became underlings of Olympus.

‘Since the owner of the Land of the Dead is no more, the power placed on us should disappear…’

It should disappear….

“What the hell? Why isn’t it disappearing?”

The gods of Duat couldn’t use their power. They screamed.

“Hades is dead, so why?”

“What the hell? Why are we still Hades’s Constructs?”

The Serpent Bearer Constructs discreetly poked their heads out of Lee Gun’s shadow when they heard the screams of despair. They whispered to Lee Gun.

[Master, you took Hades’s Divine status… Were they transferred to you?]

[What? That means the Master of the Underworld and the Master of the Underworld Road have become Master’s Constructs?]

When he heard their whispers, Lee Gun laughed evilly. “They are my Constructs now?”

“What did you just say?!!”

Osiris and Anubis turned pale when they finished assessing their situation.

“No! No way! Wait a moment. This isn’t it!”

“Ok. Their names are…”


The gods of Ennead clutched their heads.

* * *

Hades’s Construct Eco and the gods of Duat felt faint. It was for no other reason.

‘A god of Olympus was killed.’

‘Moreover, a low-rank god killed a high-rank god!’

‘The Divine world will be in an uproar if this news gets out!’

The bound owners of Duat felt faint for an entirely different reason.

‘Ahhhk!! We became the Snake god’s Constructs!!’

‘Ahhhk! That’s right! We weren’t released as Hades’s Constructs, and his Divine status was taken by that bastard!!’

‘That means the ownership exchanged hands!!’

‘That is correct!!’

‘Shit! What the hell is this!!’

The low-rank gods didn’t matter, but Osiris and Anubis were the pillar gods of Ennead. They were high-rank gods. This was why they were losing their mind. The core power of Ennead had become Constructs of an unknown, low-rank god!!

‘This makes no sense!’

‘He’s a hatchling!’

On the other hand, Lee Gun ignored them. He was going through Hades’s wealth.

He used the Duat palace’s system to put Hades’s Divine status up on the Auction House.

[Welcome to the Auction House.]

[The information of the item you wish to sell will be analyzed.]

The extracted core of Hades was put on top of the odd machine’s table. It worked on its own as a hologram popped up.

[Material wealth and manpower possessed by Divine status Hades are being pulled up.]

Countless pieces of information appeared through the hologram, and Lee Gun used his Constructs to analyze the data.

Lee Gun’s eyes flashed when he saw the content. “This bastard was rich. I thought he was in debt, yet he possessed a lot of things.”

If Lee Gun were to absorb the Divine status, everything, including the debt, would be transferred to the Serpent Bearer temple.

Moreover, Hades could be reborn using the inheritance or he could be turned into a weapon…

“It doesn’t matter. That bastard is no longer important.”

“Ahhhk!! No! This is a very important problem!!”

Osiris and Anubis were about to lose their minds.

“Release us, Snake god!”

“We will reward you— Kuh-huhk!”

Lee Gun kicked them to shut them up, then headed toward Hugo.

Yooha had finally reunited with her father. She clung to him as she sniffled.

Lee Gun extended his hand toward Hugo. “Let’s fix your face first.”

He immediately tried to use Super Regeneration, but the regeneration ability didn’t activate. “Tsk! It seems I still have some debt left, so not enough of the penalties were removed.”

When Lee Gun furrowed his brows, Hugo merely let out a light sigh. “It’s fine. You don’t have to fix me. I finally understand what you felt twenty years ago. My face isn’t that important—”

“Idiot! There is nothing left if you don’t have your face.”

“W—What did you just say?!”

Lee Gun furrowed his brows. He could put Hades’s face on Hugo, but Hades was ugly according to his standards.

“Sagittarius… He’s annoying, but useful. I can’t use him.”

“You should give me a mask for now….”

“Fuck off with that, idiot. Miss Jiwoo and your third child will faint if they see your face.”

“That isn’t—”

“Whatever! Come out, Disinfectant.”

Lee Gun immediately summoned Iaso, the goddess of healing. Iaso used her powerful healing ability to grow new flesh on Hugo’s face.


The regenerated face still had a lot of scars, but Hugo no longer looked like a model for human anatomy.

“This is all I can do with my power. However, mere scars will be healed when Master’s great power is released.”

“Ok. While you are at it, why don’t you give him a check-up?”

Iaso smiled as she placed a hand on Hugo. “Yes! I’ve been monitoring him since earlier, and I don’t think there is any problem aside from a lack of nutrients— Kyahhhhk!!!”

Everyone flinched at her scream.

Lee Gun furrowed his brows as he looked at her. “What is it?”

Iaso had turned pale as she shook. Lee Gun crossed his arms as he approached her. She quickly whispered to him, “Master, I… I found a severe flaw with Pushover-nim.”

“What is it?”

“Give me your ear for a moment…”

When Iaso moved closer to him, Lee Gun furrowed his brows in annoyance. However, he soon flinched.

His expression froze when he heard her.


It was rare to see Lee Gun this shocked.

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