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Chapter 882: 882

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Chapter 882: Ge Xuan’s Jerk Of A Friend

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“Xuanxuan, it’s so rare that you come back home. Don’t get mad at your dad. Follow me home, hmm?” Qin Yirou went over to him as she spoke gently. As she did, she planned to hold Ge Xuan’s arm.

In spite of it, contempt filled Ge Xuan once he caught Qin Yirou’s hand that was stretched toward him out of the corner of his eyes.

“Piss off! Hypocrite, who says you can call me Xuanxuan? Revolting! Don’t touch me!” Ge Xuan spat as he harshly slammed Qin Yirou’s hand that was extended to hold him.

Sincerely wanting to take Ge Xuan into her hold, the young man’s slap caused Qin Yirou to stumble two steps back. It took a while for her to regain her balance but a sprain of her left leg resulted in her falling toward a pit of a puddle.

“Ah!” Qin Yirou screamed as her foot tripped, causing her to fall right into a sizable pit that was filled up from the constant drizzle of rain.

“You vamp! This is for being a hypocrite and bullying A-Xuan, go to hell!” A friend of Ge Xuan who stood beside him and saw Qin Yirou falling into the pit came over and raised his leg in an attempt to kick the woman.

This friend of Ge Xuan dressed like a rich heir while the arrogance he wore on his face was indescribable. He was practically the embodiment of hubristic, conceit, and pompousness.

“Shen Jie, stop it!”

Watching as his bro was going to kick Qin Yirou for him and seeing Qin Yirou who was on the ground with an aged face from too much labor, Ge Xuan shouted unconsciously.

Nevertheless, Ge Xuan’s friend did not listen to him. This young man who was referred to as Shen Jie swung his leg down on Qin Yirou.

“F*ck you, homewrecker! Cheap b*tch! You should go to hell!” Unheeding of Ge Xuan’s cry, Shen Jie had already landed a kick on Qin Yirou when Ge Xuan moved to stop him.

Qin Yirou was completely caught off guard when she got kicked by Shen Jie since she had fallen into the pit by accident in the first place.

The scene greeted Yun Jian in time as she stepped out of the door, though she did not expect it. The moment she saw Shen Jie kicking Qin Yirou’s stomach, she sprinted toward the latter with a low growl of “mom”.

Ge Junjian who was sitting inside the house was still palming his face in awkwardness when he suddenly heard Yun Jian’s growl and sprang up.

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“What happened? What is it?” Ge Junjian asked as he got up from the dining table and briskly went out.

He trusted his son—believed in Ge Xuan’s character. Although his verbal attacks were upsetting, he would not resort to anything disastrous out of hysterics. Ge Junjian was quick to think of Ge Xuan’s friends. Would it be…

After Shen Jie’s kick landed on Qin Yirou’s stomach, he lifted his leg to continue but was stopped by Ge Xuan.

“What the f*ck, Ge Xuan? Why are you concerned about a mistress like this? Just kill her right now! I’m helping you!” Shen Jie barked self-righteously.

For some reason, Ge Xuan’s heart gave a squeeze when he looked at Qin Yirou who seemed older due to hard work. He must be out of his mind. How could he pity a homewrecker who was about to snatch his father away?

In spite of it, Ge Xuan could not help trudging toward Qin Yirou.

“A-are you alright?” he asked.. He did not even know why he was extending a hand to help her up.

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