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Chapter 883: 883

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Chapter 883: Go To Hell For Hitting My Mom

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Qin Yirou had some years to herself, so she was further weakened from Shen Jie’s kick. Due to years of overworking herself, the repercussions were reflected in her physical health.

Shen Jie could not be bothered with it. Wealthy heirs like him kicked whoever they liked without caring much for the consequences.

Now that Shen Jie saw Ge Xuan giving Qin Yirou a hand to help her up, he cackled behind him and mocked, “Ge Xuan, have you gone stupid? This is a homewrecker! She’s the woman marrying your father and snatching your father’s love for you! Why are you still helping her up? It’s already mercy to her when I kicked her for you, you…”

Ge Xuan had already helped Qin Yirou up during then.

At the same time, rich kid Shen Jie who had been taunting Ge Xuan with a guffaw behind him for helping Qin Yirou suddenly felt a gale blasting from the back. He felt as if he was kicked on the waist in the next second.

When Shen Jie caught up to reality, the kick had already landed on his waist in a hard blow. It was out of reflex that Shen Jie wanted to keep his balance when he was kicked on his waist from his back but the overpowering force shoved him forward and made him fall face first.


Ge Xuan was helping Qin Yirou up while Shen Jie had his back against the back too. Ge Xuan’s other two friends were the only ones who watched from the side.

Coincidentally, it was their position that allowed them to witness the terrifying scene. Yun Jian sprinted toward them in a frenzy; as she lifted her legs, the pair of limbs seemed to harness powerful magic as they carried her charging over here like she was on a rocket.

As she came close to Shen Jie, Yun Jian stomped the ground with her right foot and sent herself plunging through the air with her body staying adjacent to the ground as she leveraged on the potential force her right foot gave her.

The final moment before she came to Shen Jie, she switched into her left leg from her right and extended it abruptly, landing a hard kick on Shen Jie who had his back against her.

Around the same time he was kicked, Shen Jie staggered two steps forward before his legs gave out and he fell onto his knees with his face going down. His upper body failed to support the kneel, so he ended up sprawling on the ground like a frog.

Shen Jie came to face the uneven muddy road. Since it had been raining, the potholes in the road filled up into a big murky puddle. As for Shen Jie, he went down face first into the murky puddle from the momentum of his fall.

Nonetheless, he was quick to react. He came from a wealthy family, after all, so he used to train in taekwondo, mixed martial arts, and whatnot.

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When he sprang up swiftly, however, Yun Jian lifted her leg and threw a side kick, shoving Shen Jie back onto the muddy ground once more. It was just that his face finally faced the sky this time.

In spite of it, Shen Jie’s first fall just now had doused his face in the muddy puddle that he could not even open his eyes. When he tried to get up for the second time now, Yun Jian stomped down on his stomach mercilessly. That was not all—she ground her foot into his abdomen after stepping on it.

All Shen Jie felt was like his internal organs were being shattered by Yun Jian’s movement. He could not peel his eyes open and was only able to moan in pain. Then, Yun Jian’s distinct voice rang in his ears, “Go to hell for hitting my mom!”

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