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Chapter 884: 884

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Chapter 884: Ruin Me? You’ll Die First

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Shen Jie could only hear Yun Jian’s lofty and dictatorial words. His face was soaked in the roiled puddle of water, so he was unable to open his eyes. All he could do was hear Yun Jian’s clear and haughty words resound in his ears. Besides that, he also felt the foot on his stomach like it weighed a ton, cutting his breath due to the pressure.

“Let… Let go…” Shen Jie pushed out with his hand trying to grab the foot that was on his abdomen, paying no mind to what Yun Jian said as his mind was thoroughly muddled with pain.

Yun Jian lifted her foot a little the moment Shen Jie’s hand came up. While the latter was about to catch her foot, her slight raise of the foot made her avoid his clutch easily.

Shen Jie breathed in relief, trying to get up once the pressure was lifted, only for Yun Jian’s foot to step on his stomach again.

“Ow!” He could not help groaning in agony.

Who was it?! Who was so bold to stomp on him time and again?!


Being a rich heir, Shen Jie had never been treated this way. He growled resentfully, “What the f*ck are the rest of you doing? Sh*t, come give me a hand! Ge Xuan, I was helping you when I hit the homewrecker just now!”

The term of address boiled Yun Jian’s blood.

Ge Junjian had already divorced his ex-wife, so the man was single both legally and morally. Qin Yirou had also divorced Yun Gang. For Ge Junjian and Qin Yirou to get together now, it was legitimate and open. No one was being a homewrecker.

Moreover, Qin Yirou would not agree to it if Ge Junjian was not single.

Hence, when Shen Jie called Qin Yirou a homewrecker once more, Yun Jian picked up her foot and actually pounded it down on him this time.

Shen Jie sunk several inches deeper into the muddy ground from her kick.

Simultaneously, Ge Junjian had rushed to the scene.

“What’s wrong? What happened just now?” When he saw Ge Xuan supporting Qin Yirou, he hurried to help him hold the latter.

It took Qin Yirou a long moment to gather herself.

“I’m fine.” As she broke out of her trance blearily, it had never crossed her mind to complain about Ge Xuan to Ge Junjian.

Shen Jie bellowed again, “F*ck, what are you guys doing? Get this b*tch off me right now! Damn it!”

Needless to say, Shen Jie was as pathetic as one could get with Yun Jian stepping on his stomach.

Looking at how intimidating Yun Jian was, Ge Xuan’s other friends did not even dare go up to pull her off of Shen Jie to help free the latter. Ge Xuan, on the other hand, ran over after Qin Yirou was supported up and shouted after a pause from glancing at Yun Jian, “Stop fighting!”

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“Hah!” Ge Xuan’s shout received Yun Jian’s light scoff in exchange.

“Just because you ask for it? Who do you think you are?” Yun Jian continued to say.

Right after she spoke, she lifted her foot again to kick Shen Jie’s abdomen in another violent attack.

“Feels good? This is how you kicked my mom just now.” Yun Jian’s unnerving voice rang with an unmistakable smirk in her tone.

“Ah! Ahh!” Shen Jie was a man of ego. Getting kicked by a girl and struggling in vain, this was extremely humiliating to him.

“F*ck! Piss off! I’ll have my way with you! I’ll ruin you!” Shen Jie roared crudely.

Si Yi who stood aside was about to retaliate at the insult but Yun Jian had taken a move first.

She fished out her butterfly knife from her pocket and stabbed it right into the soil next to Shen Jie’s face. Once the latter moved his head, he could feel that the butterfly knife would have gone into his skull if he had tilted his head just now.

Shen Jie froze with a shudder and heard Yun Jian speak again. “Ruin me? I’ll make sure you die before that!”

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