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Chapter 886: 886

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Chapter 886: Health Is Important. Concerned About Him

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Ge Xuan’s question ran a shudder down Shen Jie who was half-dead on the ground and his other two friends. Yun Jian was serving in the military?

While the young men were dumbstruck by Qin Yirou’s words, the woman had pulled Yun Jian to the side.

“Xiao Jian, I’m fine. I’m still strong. It’s okay now, all’s good.” Shen Jie had actually kicked her hard just now and it felt immensely painful. In spite of it, Qin Yirou swallowed the pain to placate Yun Jian.

Qin Yirou was doing this partially because Shen Jie was Ge Xuan’s bro.

Ge Xuan was a pitiful child. From what she could see earlier, the young man was not unkind. He stepped up to stop Shen Jie when the latter kicked her..

On the other hand, Qin Yirou disliked someone like Shen Jie. He was basically a hooligan, the type of person who people said to influence whoever they hung around with negatively.

The only reason Ge Xuan hung around these bros was to earn Ge Junjian’s attention and make him claim his responsibilities as a father. However, Ge Junjian seemed to have taken the idea wrongly as he yielded and let Ge Xuan do whatever he wanted due to his guilt for his boy.

It resulted in Ge Xuan abandoning himself without a care to the point of spending his time with these troublemakers now. Even when they were abroad, he was fighting all day long. The people he hung around were no different from Shen Jie and friends; they would beat up women and children too.

As for the main reason Qin Yirou did it, it was because Yun Jian would be put behind bars if she had killed Shen Jie out of rage over the matter—even if she was an Advanced Special Forces soldier.

Qin Yirou was the proudest for having Yun Jian and Yun Yi as her children. How could she watch Yun Jian do the wrong thing without interfering?

Nonetheless, she had no idea that Yun Jian was not really going to kill Shen Jie, she was just scaring him.

As expected, the short instant of threat just now was enough to scare Shen Jie witless.

Qin Yirou’s persuasion was effective on Yun Jian as well, as the latter calmed down immediately.

There was a murderous flash glinting in Yun Jian’s cold gaze. She told Qin Yirou, “Mom, you don’t have to do this,” before she paused and averted her eyes to Shen Jie who was on the ground.

“My mom forgives you, so I’ll let this slide today. If you dare attack my mom again, not even god can stop you from seeing satan!”

Yun Jian spat and brought Qin Yirou into the house with an arm around her. As they walked, she asked, “Mom, does it still hurt? Let’s go inside. I’ll take a look.”

Yun Jian left but not Si Yi. His tall stature, especially his handsome face, stood out more than everyone else there. In addition to the brutal wash of killing intent on his expression, he was gorgeous to anyone who set eyes on him.

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Shen Jie was already propped up by his two friends who had been frozen in fright and dared not help earlier while Ge Xuan and Ge Junjian stood unmoved.

With Yun Jian holding her, it was then Qin Yirou felt the throbbing pain in her waist. She felt like she was breaking apart from Shen Jie’s kick there.

Taking only two steps away, however, she turned back to look at the few people who were still standing in the rain and urged, “Hurry up and go inside. It’s still raining. Nothing’s more important than your own health.”

Qin Yirou went inside the house with Yun Jian holding her after that.

Ge Xuan who heard her knew that she was telling the last of her sentence to him. Was she… concerned about him? A slight stupor zapped through Ge Xuan.

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