The Villain is Outrageously Beautiful


Xu Xingzhi had penned in his original novella:

Over the mountains and across the seas, there was a posse of villains. They were clever and cute, they were peculiar and bizarre, they were diligent and conscientious, and they were planning a jailbreak.

And then, he transmigrated into this dramatic narrative.

The World commanded: Your presence has disrupted the balance of this world. You have to eliminate the villain boss who intends to break out of this cage and take over the world.

Xu Xingzhi replied: Sorry, I’m just a salted fish.

The World: Don’t worry, the villain is the shidi that you personally doted on throughout his childhood who hangs onto each and every one of your words.

Xu Xingzhi: . . . I never wrote such a character setting.

Boss with a gentle face: Shixiong, do you prefer this golden chain or this silver one? Take your time to choose, I’ll listen to whatever you say.

Xu Xingzhi: . . . I really never wrote such a character setting.

This milieu was all as you desired.

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