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Chapter 129: Mahayana Realm, Heaven Evading Stone

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Chapter 129 Mahayana Realm, Heaven Evading Stone

Three years passed quickly. Han Jue raised his cultivation level to the perfected ninth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Next was to break through to the Mahayana Realm!

Han Jue looked at the dark purple stone in the corner of the cave abode. This was the stone that fell from the sky and smashed on Fang Liang’s head.

Ever since the stone appeared, Dao Comprehension Sword had not encountered any Heavenly Tribulation. It had directly broken through in the cave abode.

This stone might be able to conceal the heavenly secrets, preventing one from suffering Heavenly Tribulation.

The reason why the Immortal God held this stone was to avoid the Heavenly Dao in the mortal world?

Han Jue was only guessing and didn’t dare to be completely certain.

If he directly transcended the tribulation and the Heavenly Tribulation came anyway, the immortal mountain that he cultivated on would definitely be razed to the ground.

The Heavenly Tribulation he had encountered when he had broken through to the Tribulation Realm was already very terrifying, let alone the Mahayana Realm’s Heavenly Tribulation.

After thinking, Han Jue picked up the dark purple stone and left.

Dao Comprehension Sword asked, “Master, where are you going?”

Han Jue replied, “I’m going out for a period of time and will be back soon. You’ll stay at home.”

With that, he vanished.

This time, Han Jue didn’t alert the others.

He arrived at the wasteland where he had broken through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

After a hundred years, the wasteland still did not rain. It could be seen just how powerful the Heavenly Tribulation was.

Han Jue held the dark purple stone in his hand and sat in mid-air. He started to break through to the Mahayana Realm.

If the Heavenly Tribulation did not descend, this dark purple stone would be an incredible treasure!

In a cave, Su Qi sat in a huge cauldron. His body was soaked in medicine. His skin was red and he looked pained.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog lay beside the cauldron, staring at Su Qi and then at the figure at the entrance, who was watching the sunset.

It was Ji Xianshen.

Outside the cave was the cliff, and Ji Xianshen sat on the edge. He held a bamboo flute in his hand. The desolate and lonely sound of the flute entered the cave.

The afterglow of the sunset shone down on Ji Xianshen as if covering him with a divine cloak.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog couldn’t help but ask, “Can he really regain his senses?”

More than ten years had passed, but Su Qi had still not awoken. This made the Chaotic Heavenly Dog believe that it was hopeless.

“Don’t worry. Previously, he suffered from Qi Deviation and was only unable to control the power within his body. He’s like me-born extraordinary and possessor of a power that surpasses all living things. Under the concoction of our Heavenly Immortal Manor’s secret medicine, it won’t be long before he can control his own power and regain his consciousness.”

thought of Han Jue.

That person was definitely unordinary, too!

Thinking of his defeat to Han Jue, Ji Xianshen was extremely displeased. He suddenly stood up and left after saying this.

“I’m going to slaughter a demonic sect to vent my anger!”

After he left, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog looked at Su Qi again.

It hesitated. “Should I grab him and leave?”

Although Ji Xianshen had saved them, it always felt that he had his own goals.

Every time Ji Xianshen looked at him, his gaze was fiery, causing him to think of an escape plan.

If his guess was correct, Ji Xianshen wanted to use it as a mount and nurture Su Qi as his subordinate!

“Sigh, I really want to go back to the Great Yan.” The Chaotic Heavenly Dog sighed. This place was too far from the Great Yan. It was so far that even the Chaotic Heavenly Dog was not confident of returning.

If they returned, would Ji Xianshen be angry?

Han Jue had killed Great Sage Green Python before. He might be at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, but Ji Xianshen could fight against a Mahayana cultivator!

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog couldn’t help but tremble when he thought of how Ji Xianshen was when he fought against Ji Naihe.

Half a year later.

Han Jue officially stepped into the Mahayana Realm without making a sound.

The Heavenly Tribulation didn’t descend!

What did that mean?

It meant that the dark purple stone was as he had guessed. This stone could hide from the heavenly secrets!

It was a divine stone!

Han Jue held back his excitement and landed on the grass, beginning to consolidate his cultivation.

After breaking through to the Mahayana Realm, he understood many truths, such as the rules of the world and the order of the mortal world.

The Mahayana Realm was the highest cultivation level in the mortal world. After reaching the perfected ninth level of the Mahayana Realm, one would be forcibly expelled from the mortal world.

Han Jue didn’t want to ascend so soon. Perhaps the dark purple stone could help him with this.

Since this stone could help him avoid the Heavenly Tribulation, could it also help him stay in the mortal world?

Han Jue felt that it was very possible!

The previous owner of Dao Comprehension Sword, the Immortal God, might have relied on this stone to remain in the mortal world.

Even if he couldn’t, Han Jue would escape to the netherworld to cultivate instead.

There were more solutions than difficulties!

[Congratulations on breaking through to the Mahayana Realm. You have the following choices:]

[1: Immediately ascend and leave the mortal world. You can obtain a Mystical Power inheritance, a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, and a Numinous Treasure.)

[2: Continue cultivating and don’t ascend. You can obtain a Numinous Treasure.]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows when he saw the notification.

It’s enticing me to ascend?


Han Jue directly chose the second option.

(You choose to continue cultivating and not ascend. You will obtain a Numinous Treasure.]

Numinous Treasure-Imperial Dragon Destiny Carriage.]

[Imperial Dragon Destiny Carriage: Second-grade Grand Unity Numinous Treasure. Mount-type Dharma treasure. Can withstand a full-powered attack from a Loose Immortal.]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

It can withstand a full-strength attack from a Loose Immortal?

A clear hint finally appeared. In other words, with all the other Grand Unity Numinous Treasures on him, ordinary Loose Immortals could not kill him?

Han Jue was secretly surprised. This was the type of treasure he liked!

Defense was what Han Jue wanted the most!

He continued to consolidate his cultivation.

Half a month later.

Han Jue completely stabilized his cultivation and became a genuine Mahayana Realm cultivator.

He quickly returned to the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

After returning to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue sat on the bed.

Dao Comprehension Sword heaved a sigh of relief and patted her chest. “Master, you’re finally back. I thought you had abandoned me.”

“Don’t worry. Even if I abandon you, I won’t abandon the treasures outside.”

Dao Comprehension Sword was confused.

Han Jue picked up the dark purple stone and asked, “What should this stone be called?”

Dao Comprehension Sword curled her lips, still feeling indignant about his words.

“Let’s call it the Heaven Evading Stone,” Han Jue muttered and revealed a satisfied smile.

His naming skills were really good!

He threw the Heaven Evading Stone to a corner and took out the Imperial Dragon Destiny Carriage.

The carriage was only the size of a palm. It landed on Han Jue’s palm and shone with golden light. Four golden dragons carried a golden carriage, looking very majestic.

Han Jue started to make it recognize him as its master.

Four hours later.

The Imperial Dragon Destiny Carriage recognized him as its owner as Han Jue kept it in the Little Universe Belt.

Then, Han Jue started to simulate the trial against Xuan Qingjun.

This time, he didn’t adjust Xuan Qingjun’s cultivation level and directly faced the eighth level of the Mahayana Realm!

Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger!

Instant kill!


Han Jue became more confident.

At this point, there shouldn’t be many people in the mortal world who could kill him.

Han Jue comprehended the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger again.

After breaking through to the Mahayana Realm, he should be able to raise the upper limit of this Mystical Power again.

It wasn’t about raising strength, but elevating the essence of the Mystical Power!

A month later.

Han Jue came to the Sword Dao River again. He walked quickly and soon saw Zhang Guxing

Angry, Zhang Guxing scolded him. “Why are you here again? Is there a point in constantly strengthening one Mystical Power? Can’t you cultivate properly and increase your cultivation level?”

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