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Chapter 427: 427

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Chapter 427 Mysterious Mighty Figure, Tragedy

“Fortuitous encounter? What fortuitous encounter?”

Zhou Fan frowned. He didn’t interact much with Zhao Xuanyuan and did not dare to trust him easily

Zhao Xuanyuan said expressionlessly, “I can’t say for the time being. There are other unparalleled geniuses following you. You’re barely qualified. If not for the leader telling me to bring ten people, I wouldn’t think much of you.”


Zhou Fan was furious. This fellow was too pretentious.

However, the opportunity tempted him.

He had relied on fortuitous encounters to reach this point.

He didn’t want to miss any opportunity.

Zhou Fan saw that Zhao Xuanyuan was so arrogant and did not seem like he was lying. Cheaters were usually quite enthusiastic. Zhao Xuanyuan’s attitude clearly showed that he didn’t want Zhou Fan to come. Zhou Fan said, “Alright, I’ll go!” Zhao Xuanyuan left after saying, “See you in seven days in front of the Eastern Wasteland.”

Mo Fuchou jumped onto the altar and said in a low voice, “You’re already so powerful. Why are you still taking the risk?”

Zhou Fan said calmly, “Brother Mo, I can’t stop on this path. When I obtain a great opportunity, I’ll definitely give you some good stuff!”

Mo Fuchou sighed helplessly.

Zhou Fan said that every time and kept his promise, so Mo Fuchou was really worried that something would happen to him.

The two of them had experienced too many things together when they fought from the mortal world to the Immortal World.

Now, they were the most important people to each other.

Mo Fuchou could only look forward to Zhou Fan. He didn’t even dare to follow, afraid that he would burden him.

Zhou Fan had been implicated by him many times and had even died in his hands.

Another ten years passed.

Han Jue was cursing Great Nine Heavens. He hadn’t broken through for nearly 600 years, but he couldn’t ignore his usual mission. He estimated that he would reach the mid-stage Zenith Heaven Realm in less than a hundred years.

After reaching the mid-stage, would the late-stage still be far?

After reaching the late stage, would perfection still be a problem?

Wouldn’t the Pseudo-Sage stage be in sight?

Han Jue tried his best to motivate himself.

On this day.

He suddenly sensed that someone was summoning him in the Chaotic Domain.

He ignored it and cursed first.

For the next three days, someone kept summoning him. He only entered the Chaotic Domain after the curse ended.

Zhao Xuanyuan and Dao Sovereign immediately rushed over.

“Fellow Daoist!”

“Brother, you’re finally here!”

Facing the two of them, Han Jue said angrily, “You’re asking me for help again?”

Dao Sovereign said, “Brother, you’ve already helped me more than once. If you help me again, I won’t forget your kindness. If you need anything in the future, I’ll definitely agree, no matter what it is!”

Zhao Xuanyuan sighed and lowered his head. Han Jue asked, “How can I help?”

Dao Sovereign said, “Help me send a message to Heavenly Emperor Fang. Say that we are trapped in the Endless Sea of Blood and that we have discovered a huge conspiracy that threatens the myriad worlds!”

Han Jue said, “What benefits can I obtain? Where’s the Dao Literature from last time?”

Dao Sovereign said helplessly, “The Dao runes are too profound. We can’t comprehend them for the time being. If we can meet face to face, I can give it to you. I can’t teach it now.”

“How about this? If you help us, we’ll give you a Supreme Treasure. This treasure is an extremely mysterious jade slip. Our divine sense can’t break through the restriction inside. If we give it to you, you might be able to.”

an Jue could only say, “Alright, this is the last time. There won’t be a next time!”

Dao Sovereign smiled. “Why? In any case, I’m not putting you in danger. You aren’t affected by karma and will directly obtain benefits. Isn’t that good? You can also fight for the opportunities without any worries.”

Zhao Xuanyuan added, “It’s not only us this time. Many geniuses of the human race have been suppressed. This is very important.”

Han Jue glanced at him and said angrily, “Are you following him on his wrong ways? I think you should become my disciple and let me educate you.”

Zhao Xuanyuan was embarrassed. He coughed and said, “Fellow Daoist, you’re really funny.”

He was always very nervous when facing Han Jue.

For some reason, he felt that Han Jue was very strong, perhaps even stronger than Dao Sovereign.

Dao Sovereign was so powerful and still had to rely on Han Jue to save his life. Most importantly, Dao Sovereign didn’t know Han Jue’s true identity.

Dao Sovereign had heard the Heavenly Emperor mention it before. In any case, the Heavenly Emperor was very protective of Han Jue and didn’t reveal anything. It could be seen that Han Jue’s status was very high.

“That’s all. Give that treasure to Heavenly Emperor Fang later.” Han Jue waved his hand and went off.

After returning to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue took out the Heavenly Dao Token and contacted Fang Liang, telling him about Dao Sovereign’s request.

Fang Liang immediately agreed, not even asking where the Endless Sea of Blood was. The Heavenly Court definitely had a way to find it.

Han Jue put down the Heavenly Dao Token and released the Strange Deity.

The Strange Deity pounced into his arms and rubbed against him affectionately.

Han Jue smiled softly. “Don’t be like those guys in the future. They’re useless and like to go around looking for trouble.” The Strange Deity tilted its head as if thinking about what Han Jue was saying.

He continued to cultivate.

The water of the Endless Sea of Blood was blood-red.

At the bottom of the sea was a huge barrier. Dozens of people were meditating inside.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, Zhou Fan, and the others were among them.

Zhao Xuanyuan suddenly stood up and said, “Everyone, we’ve already asked for help. The Heavenly Court will come and save us soon.”

A human prodigy asked in surprise, “Isn’t divine sense unable to penetrate the barrier?”

Dao Sovereign smiled faintly. “Don’t forget, we have the Chaotic Physique. Such a physique has its own domain. Don’t worry, the person I entrusted this mission with is very reliable.”

Another person asked, “We’re the prodigies of the human race. Will the Heavenly Court…”

Dao Sovereign interrupted, “Heavenly Emperor Fang is also a human. The battle between the Immortal Gods and the humans is a battle for providence. You’re all pawns and will not be targeted.”

These words sounded mocking, but they also heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhou Fan nodded. He still trusted Fang Liang.

He asked curiously, “Who is the person you trust?”

Zhao Xuanyuan shook his head and said, “That person might be a senior. He’s not someone you can understand.”

Zhou Fan cursed silently.

Stop pretending!

Previously, he had sworn that there was a huge opportunity, but in the end, they were all suppressed here.

Dao Sovereign closed his eyes and said, “All of you can continue cultivating. There will be a fierce battle next.”

The geniuses looked at each other.

Another ten years passed.

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed Great Nine Heavens while checking his emails.

He suddenly saw two emails.

(Your good friend Dao Sovereign was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure. His body was destroyed, leaving only a remnant soul.]

(Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure. His body melted and his soul was tortured, giving birth to mental demons.)

So tragic?

Han Jue showed a frown.

Fang Liang did not send anyone to save them?

Han Jue could only mourn for them.

In any case, he had already done what he could. He couldn’t consume his lifespan for the two of them.

Zhou Fan would definitely be able to hold on. However, no matter how he looked at it, he felt like Dao Sovereign was a goner this time.

Unfortunately, Han Jue had yet to see the domineering attitude of Dao Sovereign when he grew up in the future. As long as a prodigy like Dao Sovereign survived, he would definitely become a peerless mighty figure like Jade Emperor Zhou Yan. He might even have a chance to attain the Dao.

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