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Chapter 1000: 1000

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Lu Liangwei’s expression stiffened when she heard this and she did not dare to turn around.

Chu Jiu immediately retreated.

Zhao Qian, Chu Qi, and the others also moved back as far away as possible, fearful of being a casualty of their master’s wrath.

Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly with a dangerous glint as he stared at the girl standing still.

If he had not coincidentally passed by and overheard it, he would never have found out that his little Empress harbored such thoughts.

He had always assumed that her act of picking out a husband for herself previously had been the limit.

Who would have thought that she was thinking far beyond that, even planning to get three or four more husbands for herself?!

Was she not satisfied with him the night before?

He approached her slowly and clutched her shoulder with his slender fingers, pulling her into his arms. “Was yesterday night not enough for you, hmm?”

The man’s voice was soft as usual, but Lu Liangwei detected the danger in his tone. She gave a start and realized what he was implying. Her face flushed red.

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She picked up the meaning in his words and felt frustrated and embarrassed.

What did he mean by ‘not enough for her’? The way he said it made it sound like she needed a lot of service from a man.

That was uncalled for!

Nevertheless, Lu Liangwei had been caught boasting about her fantasies and was feeling a little guilty about it.

Long Yang stared at her for a moment before suddenly carrying her in his arms.

When she realized what he was planning, Lu Liangwei began struggling in panic while saying weakly, “I haven’t had my breakfast yet…”

“You can have it a little later. We won’t take up too much time,” Long Yang insisted firmly.

“I’m a pregnant woman…”

“I know how to be careful.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

It was difficult for her to handle him when His Majesty was this unrestrained.

Long Yang placed her on the bed and climbed over her. She tried to get up when she realized what he was doing, but he grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head.

Long Yang fully intended to punish her, but when he saw her looking like this, a dark look flashed in his eyes…

He finally released her when she was almost unable to catch her breath.

His fair and slender fingers grabbed her face. “Still planning on keeping a bunch of men?”

Lu Liangwei was out of breath.

“I’ve never thought about it. I was just giving Jiu some suggestions,” she said unconvincingly after pulling herself together.

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Long Yang smirked. “You wouldn’t be able to say something like that so smoothly if it hadn’t crossed your mind before.”

Was imagination a crime?


Lu Liangwei had a different opinion on that.

Long Yang grunted coldly. “You’re still acting so brazenly when you’re about to be a mother. I must have been pampering you too much.”

He was genuinely angered that she was having thoughts like that.

Even though she might have been joking, he was still uncomfortable about it.

Lu Liangwei was annoyed to see the man acting as though he had just caught his wife cheating.

She had not done anything, yet he was giving her a look as though she had betrayed him.

She pouted and dearly wanted to retort. However, she was well aware that she should not provoke an angry man. Otherwise, she would be left unable to stand properly later.

She gulped and quickly got up. She hugged his arm and gave him a sincere look. “Don’t misunderstand me, Your Majesty. Please trust me when I say this has never crossed my mind. You are enough for me. Not to mention, you’re so handsome. No one in this world can compare to you. Since I have pretty high standards, how could I ever be interested in the common men out there when I already have you?”

She immediately flashed him a glowing look in case he did not believe her words.

Long Yang paused momentarily when he saw the admiration in the girl’s eyes. He was not about to admit how happy he felt when he heard Weiwei’s words.

“Do you really think I’m that outstanding?” He looked at her with a cool expression.

Lu Liangwei nodded and said more flattering words, “Yup. Your Majesty is the most outstanding man in the world.”

“Even compared to your father and older brother?” Long Yang’s words took a sharp turn.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

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