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Chapter 1003: 1003

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Lu Liangwei choked.

A long moment passed before she replied huffily, “I wasn’t even willing to marry you at the start.”

Long Yang nodded. “That’s right. I was the one who forced you into this at the beginning, but didn’t you end up falling for me? If I was ugly, would you still have liked me?”

Lu Liangwei was speechless.

Long Yang rubbed her head. “You don’t have an answer for that, do you? That’s why you shouldn’t allow your mind to wander. There are no ‘ifs’.”

Lu Liangwei pouted and said definitively, “Your Majesty would probably not give me a second look if I was ugly.”

Long Yang massaged the spot between his eyes when he saw how obstinate she was being. He replied with slight frustration, “Alright, I admit it. I can be quite shallow sometimes.”

Lu Liangwei was unhappy to hear that. So, His Majesty really was attracted to her because of her beauty?

Even though there was no wrong in being beautiful, the thought of His Majesty being attracted to her solely for her looks made Lu Liangwei feel upset and dejected.

“A good first impression between two people is no doubt decided by the other party’s appearances and the way they dress. Those with a good-looking face would always give a better first impression. However, Weiwei, the time I met you in the Grand Duke’s study wasn’t the first time I saw you. I had actually seen you a number of times in previous Palace banquets, but to me, Second Miss Lu had always been but a young girl who looked prettier than her peers, and nothing more.” Long Yang sat beside her and spoke in a patient and gentle manner.

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Lu Liangwei’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this. She turned to look into his gentle eyes.

Long Yang sighed and held her exquisitely petite hand in his and gently played with her fingers.

“Even though Weiwei’s beauty had always been breathtaking, you should remember that there were already four concubines in the imperial harem before you came to the Palace. They may not compare to you, but they were still beauties. And there was the young miss of the Li Family as well. She was also quite good-looking but I was never attracted to them. If I was someone who lusts after beautiful women, I wouldn’t have fallen for only you at the age of thirty. Do you understand what I’m trying to say from this perspective?”

Lu Liangwei felt ashamed when she heard his words.

Why was she even doubting His Majesty’s feelings for her?

Just as His Majesty had said, if he was someone who lusts after feminine beauty, he would not have fallen for her only at the late age of thirty.

Moreover, the imperial harem did not lack beautiful women.

Many years had passed and he had chosen to be celibate. He had never even touched another woman, let alone fallen in love.

She must have been a great narcissist to be making such conjectures about him.

Lu Liangwei was not the only beautiful woman in this world.

If His Majesty lusted after good-looking women, he would already be surrounded by bevies of beauties with the power and authority he had.

It must be true what they said—being pregnant would make your brain dull for three years.

She had somehow ended up being stubborn over such an issue.

She was a little embarrassed about this.

Long Yang was relieved to see that she was no longer unhappy. He pulled her toward his chest and his fair, slender fingers raised her chin. “Weiwei is the one and only in this world that no one can replace. My heart belongs to you because of who you are, and not because of your beauty.”

Lu Liangwei lifted her petite face as she looked at him quietly. It would be a lie to say that she was not moved.

She was utterly floored by his passionate speech.

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Long Yang leaned into her and kissed her deeply.

He chose not to say that it did not bother him if Weiwei had fallen for him because of his looks. After all, he was much older than her and he felt quite grateful that he at least had a face good-looking enough to attract her.

Quite some time passed before he finally released her. His slender fingers brushed against her cherry-red lips. He desired more, but stopped himself out of consideration for the child in her womb. He hugged her tightly and her soft little body nuzzled into his arms, as though it was the only thing that could comfort her.

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