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Chapter 1004: 1004

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Lu Liangwei’s eyelashes fluttered. She knew he wanted more from her and it felt like she had been laying in his arms for an eternity. She said weakly, “I think I’ll take a nap.”

She was about to push him away when he grabbed her fair, slender arms. The next thing she knew, she was lifted up. His voice was slightly husky as he said, “Good timing. Let’s nap together.”

Lu Liangwei gave a start. She could not shake the feeling that he was up to something. They had already done it the night before and she was not in the mood to play around with him today. She pointed to a stack of Palace Memorials and reminded him, “There are so many Palace Memorials. Aren’t you supposed to work on them?”

Long Yang gave her a long thoughtful look. “Of course I should, but I’ll accompany my Empress in bed before that.”

Lu Liangwei blushed slightly. The words ‘in bed’ seemed to mean something more rigorous when they came from his mouth.

In the end, nothing happened with Long Yang—all he did was hug her and went to sleep.

When Lu Liangwei woke up in the afternoon, Long Yang was no longer by her side.

The entire bedroom was silent as she sat up in a daze. She was about to get off the bed and put on her shoes when a man’s figure suddenly appeared from outside.

The man was tall and dignified. There was a mature charm about him that emanated a sense of security. He was born an imposing man and one look from him could intimidate his officials in the imperial court into submissions. Now, however, his overbearing intimidation was almost non-existent. His eyes were warm and gentle. They were filled with affection when he looked at Lu Liangwei.

He had moved closer to her while Lu Liangwei was still watching him in a daze. He crouched down next to her feet and deftly put on her shoes for her.

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Lu Liangwei gave a start. She was puzzled. “How did you know I was awake?”

She did not make a sound when she woke up and His Majesty had been going through the Palace Memorials in the outer room. Could he have coincidentally come in the moment she woke up?

Long Yang helped her with her shoes and then stood up. “I have good hearing.”

Lu Liangwei thought it must be true. She held on to his hand as she got off the bed.

Unbeknownst to her, even though Long Yang was only in the outer room, he had been checking in on her at frequent intervals.

“The flowers are blooming in the imperial garden. Would you like to take a walk?” he asked gently.

Lu Liangwei had been planning to do that anyway.

She would take a walk every day to keep herself healthy.

She was about to nod when a thought crossed her mind. She asked, “Are you done with your Palace Memorials?”

“Yes.” Long Yang took her hand and pulled her to the bathroom. He wiped her face gently, then brought a cup of warm water for her to drink.

Lu Liangwei finished the water and had a bite of food before she headed to the imperial garden with him.

Zhao Qian and the others followed them from a good distance. They looked at each other when they saw the intimacy between the Emperor and the Empress.

Zhu Yu in particular felt that His Majesty was taking very good care of her Miss. There was nothing Zhu Yu had to do to help out at all.

This made Zhu Yu feel slightly melancholic.

However, she felt happy at the same time that His Majesty cherished her Miss so much.

Zhao Qian could not help but sigh. “Master adores Her Highness so much. He’s pampering her like she is his daughter.”

With that, he turned to Chu Jiu and said pointedly, “A woman should get a good marriage to have happiness. Jiu, just look at how happy Her Highness is.”

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Chu Jiu understood what he meant. She glanced over to the front and had to admit that she felt envious at seeing how loving the Emperor and Empress were. However, not everyone could be as lucky as they were.

Aside from luck, there was also personal effort involved.

A woman like Her Highness was destined to be loved and adored by men.

If Chu Jiu was a man, it was likely that she would fancy Her Highness as well, even going so far as to pamper her endlessly.

Her Highness was not only beautiful, but she was gentle and warm, and knew how to be coquettish. Even the sound of her soft, sweet voice was enough to melt a person’s heart. It was easy to fall in love with a woman like that.

However, Her Highness could be tough when she wanted to. She was not an ordinary woman.

Her gentle side was shown only to His Majesty.

That was just as well. That was exactly how His Majesty liked her.

If it was Chu Jiu, that would not work out for her.

Her personality was distant and dull, and she looked quite ordinary. It was impossible for her to act coquettish to a man and she could never make herself do something like that.

One could only say that each person had their own way of living. It was not something that could be learned or forced upon.

However, Chu Jiu softened her tone when she saw the expectant look in Butler Zhao’s eyes. “Butler Zhao, you shouldn’t worry about me. I don’t wish to marry and I’d like to spend my entire life being filial to you and taking care of you.”

A wide smile appeared on Zhao Qian’s face. He was delighted to hear her words.

It had been worth it pouring his love into this girl.

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