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Chapter 1008: 1008

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Noting her uneasiness, Madam Li sighed.

“Let’s go.”

On the way back, Madam Li pretended to say casually, “Tong’er, do you know how much the Emperor favors the Empress now?”

Hearing this, Li Tong’er clenched her fists.

Did she regret it when her husband divorced her?

She did.

If she had not been naive and eloped with that man, all the Empress’ glory would have now been hers.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

The sight of her bowing her head in silence irritated Madam Li, and she could not stop herself from sounding harsh. “If you hadn’t been so foolish, you could have been the one sitting on the Empress’ throne now.”


Li Tong’er was filled with remorse, but what was done had been done. Moreover, what could she do, now that she was a divorced woman?

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“Mother, I’ll do everything you say from now on.” After a long moment of silence, she declared determinedly.

All those past vows of eternal love and loyalty were nothing but empty lies.

When Wu Sheng said that he loved her and wanted to marry no one but her, she believed him and abandoned the Empress’s throne to elope with him. However, he eventually fell in love with another woman, and as the divorced wife, she had no choice but to give up her position.

Therefore, no matter how sweet a man’s promises were, they could never stand the test of time.

Apparently, the current Emperor was very fond of the Empress and had even dissolved the harem for her, earning her the envy of every woman in the kingdom.

She gripped the handkerchief in her hands, albeit a little scornfully.

From what she heard, this Second Miss Lu was extremely beautiful. The Emperor must be favoring her because of her beauty and nothing else, right?

Men were all novelty seekers.

She did not think that Lu Liangwei could be favored forever.

The Emperor only treated her so well because he had yet to meet another woman who could catch his eye.

She could not help touching her face.

She thought of herself as good-looking, too.

However, she was much older than Lu Liangwei. Back then, when she was still in the imperial capital, Lu Liangwei was only a newborn, hence she had only heard of this Second Miss Lu’s stunning beauty but never seen it with her own eyes.

Madam Li was relieved to see her like this.

“Don’t worry. You’re a lady of great beauty too. Since we couldn’t get the Grand Princess’s support, let’s look for another opportunity. I’m sure it’ll come by.”

In her opinion, what her daughter needed right now was an opportunity.

If only she could meet the Emperor, she was certain that the Emperor would fall in love with her.

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Back then, the revelation of her daughter eloping with another man had brought humiliation to the imperial family, yet the Emperor did not condemn her. Therefore, she assumed that the Emperor must have been somewhat interested in Tong’er.


Otherwise, Tong’er’s elopement would have brought utter ruin upon their entire family because she had humiliated the Emperor.

However, in the end, the Li Family suffered nothing more than a slightly damaged reputation, and the Emperor did not express any intention of punishing them.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her daughter stood a chance.

At her mother’s words, Li Tong’er’s despondent heart could not help but soar as her mind whirred with ideas.

The next day.

Long Qingzhi entered the palace with Wanyan Zhi.

The peach blossoms in the Western Gardens were in full bloom. Lu Liangwei was suddenly interested in admiring them, and since Long Qingzhi happened to visit, she invited her along.

On the way, Long Qingzhi chatted with her about the events of the day before.

“Weiwei, Madam Li and Li Tong’er visited me in my mansion yesterday.”

For a moment, Lu Liangwei could not register who she was talking about.

“Who are they?” she asked casually.

Her reaction made Long Qingzhi realize that she had no idea who Madam Li and Li Tong’er were.

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