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Chapter 1015: 1015

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The Dowager Duchess remembered them when she saw Madam Li and her daughter.

She figured out what Madam Li was planning the moment she saw Madam Li’s behavior.

The Dowager Duchess turned her wise eyes to Madam Li with a sharp glance.

Madam Li was cowered for a moment when she noticed this.

Even though the Dowager Duchess was quite old now, it did not change the fact that she was a woman who had roamed the battlefield with ferocity in her younger years. She had even saved the life of the late Emperor and possessed a quiet aura of intimidation about her.

However, the thought of her Tong’er gave Madam Li the determination to suppress both the guilt and fear in her heart. She forced herself to put up a calm and collected front, then met the Dowager Duchess’ gaze. She bowed insincerely and said, “Greetings to the Dowager Duchess.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded and turned to Li Tong’er. “Is this young Tong’er?”

Li Tong’er immediately stepped forward to bow at her. “Yes, I am. Greetings to the Dowager Duchess.”

The Dowager Duchess waved away the formality. “Please rise. I recall that you married somewhere far away. When did you return? Are your husband and children back with you as well?”

Li Tong’er’s expression stiffened.

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Madam Li was not pleased either.

What did the Dowager Duchess mean by this? Was she trying to embarrass them by asking Tong’er this question in public?

In reality, Madam Li came to this assumption because of her guilt and embarrassment.

The Dowager Duchess’ question was actually quite a common one to be asked and she had not meant any harm.

Some of the women who knew about Li Tong’er were enjoying the drama while others who were unaware of her story were just as curious as the Dowager Duchess was, their gazes following Li Tong’er expectantly.

Madam Li gave a dry laugh. “Tong’er is now a free person, Dowager Duchess. As for children, her ex-husband had never been a healthy man, thus they’ve never had children.”

This was a revelation to everyone.

The Dowager Duchess looked at Li Tong’er compassionately. “You have had a bitter life, my child.”

There was nothing wrong with those words, but Madam Li somehow felt uncomfortable with them.

Li Tong’er also looked slightly upset. Her voice turned quite small. “I must look like an embarrassment, Dowager Duchess.”

She seemed to be very afraid of the Dowager Duchess as her face was quite pale. She looked like she would collapse at any moment, and anyone unaware of the situation would have mistaken the Dowager Duchess for bullying her.

The smile on the Dowager Duchess’ face diminished slightly. “You’re overthinking this, Tong’er. You’ve done nothing shameful at all. Why would you be embarrassed?”

Madam Li and Li Tong’er were feeling unsettled, which was why they thought the Dowager Duchess had seen through them when they heard her words. Their faces burned furiously.

Madam Li forced a smile. “We won’t disturb you any longer, Dowager Duchess.”

With that, she pulled Li Tong’er with her and left.

Once they were gone, everyone began discussing this louder.

“I heard that First Miss Li had eloped with someone years ago. Why would she even dare return here?”

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“I would never have guessed someone as dainty and fragile as her would do something like that.”

“What is Madam Li thinking? Why didn’t she lock this daughter of hers at home after she brought shame to the family? Why does she still bring her around? Such indecency!”

Everyone turned quiet at those words.

The words seemed to enlighten them about something and their eyes widened incredulously.

“Could Madam Li be planning to…”

When the person who said this noticed the Dowager Duchess’ gaze sweeping toward her, she immediately stopped talking.

Long Qingzhi held Wanyan Zhi’s hand and walked over just in time to see Madam Li and her daughter making a hasty escape.

Then she saw the Dowager Duchess being surrounded by everyone else. She brought her son over. After greeting the Dowager Duchess and Ling Lihua, she lowered her head and squeezed Wanyan Zhi’s hand. “Zhi’er, greet the Dowager Duchess.”

Wanyan Zhi looked at the Dowager Duchess and greeted her obediently.

The Dowager Duchess held the boy’s head benevolently and sized him up, saying approvingly, “I haven’t seen the little prince in a while and you’ve grown quite a bit.”

Everyone’s attention instantly turned to Wanyan Zhi at that moment, as if Madam Li and her daughter had disappeared from their minds.

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