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Chapter 1017: 1017

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Li Tong’er assumed that Long Yang was coming over to help her up. She felt delighted but was nervous at the same time.

The world’s most noble man was right in front of her. She began imagining her future—she would be living a life full of fortune and honor. She was just one step away from being this noble man’s favorite concubine.

However, she found herself waiting for quite a while and the man still did not come over, not even offering her a polite greeting.

She lifted her head only to see the man’s unconcerned expression. He remained standing where he was with a stoic expression, not even bothering to look at her. Li Tong’er suddenly felt flustered.

In addition to that, there was a throbbing pain in her ankle that added to her frustration.

She had pretended to twist her ankle in order to attract His Majesty’s attention. Unfortunately, there was a stone beneath her and her ankle bone had struck the stone directly. She ended up being genuinely hurt.

She broke out in cold sweat from the sharp pain, her appearance even more fragile and delicate than usual.

She bit her lips and watched the man’s cold and distant figure. She had no idea what was going through his mind.

By right, no man could bear to see a fragile and pitiful woman fall down in front of him and not extend a helping hand.

She also believed that she was fairly pretty and decently skilled at attracting men.

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Could His Majesty be putting up a pretense that he was a modest and reserved person?

When Li Tong’er was still married to her ex-husband, this was how his concubine had behaved. Wu Sheng pitied the concubine and ended up visiting her room quite often. This eventually ended with the dignified and legitimate wife, Li Tong’er, being divorced.

Men always preferred demure women.


That was why she decided to stop being a reserved woman and seize a future for herself.

She rubbed her ankle at this thought, then lowered her head to say softly, “Your Majesty, I have twisted my ankle and am unable to greet you. Please forgive my insolence.”

Long Yang did not even look at her and his gaze turned to Zhao Qian who was standing at the side, trying to be as transparent as possible.

Zhao Qian could not help secretly shuddering when his Master’s gaze swept toward him.

Many families of the imperial court officials were attending the banquet at Western Gardens and security here was more relaxed than usual.

On top of that, the lavatory was not far from where they were, which made security even less strict.

Zhao Qian had not expected that some unknown woman would take the opportunity to slip past security and disturb the Master’s peace and quiet. This was terrible!

Zhao Qian went forward brusquely and said to Li Tong’er, “Miss, is your foot alright? Can you walk on your own?”

Li Tong’er reached out to press on her ankle; the pain brought out fresh beads of cold sweat. She shook her head. “It really hurts. I don’t think I can walk.”

Zhao Qian frowned when he realized she was not faking it.

She must be a family member of an imperial court official if she was able to enter the Western Gardens.

He could not ignore her if she was injured.

He gave this some thought and said, “How about I help you to the imperial physician? Or do you prefer waiting here and I’ll call someone over?”

“It hurts terribly and I can’t walk. Can I please trouble you to get my parents here?” Li Tong’er looked like she was fighting back the pain with every word she spoke.

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Zhao Qian nodded. “May I know which family you belong to?”

Li Tong’er snuck a look at Long Yang and lowered her head. “My father is the Vice Minister of Public Works, Li Wei.”

“Oh, you’re Vice Minister Li’s daughter…” There was surprise in Zhao Qian’s voice as he looked at Li Tong’er in astonishment. Something crossed his mind and he quickly turned to look at his Master.

When he saw his Master remaining stoic and seemingly unaffected, he said, “Please wait here, Miss Li. I’ll get someone to inform your father.”

With that, he walked away while mumbling to himself.

Gosh, First Miss Li who had eloped all those years ago was back.

Why would she make an appearance here at this time?

Li Tong’er quietly turned to look at Long Yang after Zhao Qian left.

She wanted to see His Majesty’s reaction after finding out who she was.

However, she was disappointed to see that the man was still cold and distant. There was an unfathomable look on his face and one would think he did not even know who the Vice Minister of Public Works was.

She quietly contemplated how to start a conversation with His Majesty, but when she spotted a female guard in black watching her nearby with a stoic expression, she decided to give up her plan.

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