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Chapter 1021: 1021

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Everyone had taken their respective seats before realizing Vice Minister Li and his family were not present.

It was still early when the banquet had ended, so Lin Qingyuan went to Grand Phoenix Palace along with Lu Liangwei.

She quickly pushed past Ling Lihua and the Dowager Duchess at Grand Phoenix Palace, then pulled Lu Liangwei to the side and spoke to her in a whisper.

“… I heard Li Tong’er is back after getting divorced from her husband. She doesn’t have any ulterior motives for entering the Palace, does she?”

Lu Liangwei realized Lin Qingyuan must be aware of Li Tong’er’s past when she heard this.

“You get your news fast,” she said airily as she shot Lin Qingyuan a look.

They were quite closely acquainted by now and Lin Qingyuan knew what Lu Liangwei was like. She knew Lu Liangwei was not angry, so she continued whispering, “I heard that Madam Li brought Li Tong’er along to visit the Grand Princess a few days ago. I wonder what’s on their minds.”

“I actually bumped into Li Tong’er just now. Even though she is twenty-eight and was married before, she does not look her age at all. She still looks like a young girl, and a pretty one at that. If someone had a fancy for her…”

Lin Qingyuan paused and reminded Lu Liangwei, “You need to be more careful and make sure she doesn’t get any chances.”

Lu Liangwei laughed despite herself.

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Lin Qingyuan probably had the same thoughts as Long Qingzhi did.

They must think that Li Tong’er would have some advantage because she had almost become Long Yang’s Empress in the past, and that she was able to threaten Lu Liangwei’s position in His Majesty’s heart.

Nevertheless, Lin Qingyuan had only meant well.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I understand. Don’t worry. It’s just one Li Tong’er. I’m not bothered by her at all.”

Lin Qingyuan frowned. She was anxious about Lu Liangwei’s indifferent attitude. “I’m being serious here. Don’t be numb with indifference just because you’re married. If she decides to be shameless, there’s no knowing what she will do. You need to be careful and be on your guard for such things.”

Lu Liangwei laughed softly and pinched Lin Qingyuan’s cheek, which had turned red from her anxiousness. “She fell down in front of His Majesty just moments before.”

Lin Qingyuan’s eyes widened and her reaction was to curse in a low voice, “She’s nothing but a seductress. I knew she wouldn’t just stay down quietly. In an instant, she’s already revealed her conniving side. Was His Majesty…”

“His Majesty is not that sort of person. He didn’t even look at her. She can fall in front of him a hundred times and it won’t do her any good.” Lu Liangwei interrupted Lin Qingyuan with a small smile. She was clearly in a good mood.

Lin Qingyuan was relieved to hear this. She said with some satisfaction, “His Majesty is truly wise!”

Lu Liangwei agreed wholeheartedly, but a thought crossed her mind and she beckoned Lin Qingyuan over to get close.

Lin Qingyuan got a little excited when she saw this. “What’s up? You aren’t thinking of doing anything nasty, are you?”

Despite her remark, she still moved her ears close to Lu Liangwei.

“Tell your father to remind the imperial censor about how Vice Minister Li’s eldest daughter has loose morals and that she lacks virtue, even going around debasing proper customs. Hit him hard with this.”

Lin Qingyuan broke out in laughter when she heard this. “That is a pretty good plan. Once this gets out, Li Tong’er wouldn’t dare make public appearances in fear of embarrassing herself.”

“What are you two talking about?” Ling Lihua found it funny when she saw them whispering with each other.

Lin Qingyuan turned to hug Ling Lihua’s arm and said with a cunning glint in her eyes, “Duchess, we’re talking about something fun.”

Ling Lihua asked with interest, “What is it that’s so fun?”

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“Nothing, Mother. She’s just being crazy as usual. Don’t believe any of her words,” Lu Liangwei gently cut off Lin Qingyuan.

She did not want the Grand Duke Family to get involved with this. It was just a small matter that did not require her parents’ involvement.

The most important thing was that she did not want her parents and grandmother to worry.

Lin Qingyuan smartly stopped talking about it when she saw this.

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