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Chapter 1024: 1024

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Compared to being surrounded by the court officials, he preferred Weiwei’s way of celebrating his birthday much more. This was also the first private birthday celebration he had ever had in his life.

There was no throng of court officials to congratulate him, only his wife by his side.

He enjoyed this feeling of warmth and bliss.

It was a feeling that only his wife could give him.

“Are you tired?”

The first thing Long Yang was concerned about, as he suppressed the mixed emotions in his heart, was Lu Liangwei’s condition.

He was almost certain that she had not slept for long that afternoon. She had probably woken up right after he had left Grand Phoenix Palace and busied herself up until just now.

“No.” Lu Liangwei batted her lashes at him. Ignoring the soreness on her arm, she gestured toward the candles on the cake and urged him, “Go ahead, make a wish and blow out the candles. Then you can eat the cake.”

Long Yang had never celebrated his birthday like this, and it all felt very new to him. Turning his head, he asked the girl beside him, “How do I make a wish?”

Lu Liangwei demonstrated for him. “Like this.”

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Taking her hand in his, Long Yang faced the candles, closed his eyes, and said reverently, “I wish for Weiwei to enjoy eternal health and happiness.” After a pause, he whispered, “…and to never leave me.” He then bent down and blew out the candles on the cake.

The instant the candles went out, the lights in the palace came back on. The servants, after lighting the lanterns, retreated out of the room quietly.

Lu Liangwei gaped at the man like a fish. “You weren’t supposed to say your wish out loud. That way, it won’t come tr…”

Before she could finish, the man pressed a finger to her lips. “There’s no one else here. If the gods hear my wish, it’ll naturally come true.”

He actually did not believe in this sort of thing, but since Weiwei had asked him to make a wish, he would say his wish out loud.

Being on the throne had left him with nothing more to wish for. Now, he only hoped that his young and lovely Empress would enjoy a lifetime of happiness and peace, and that he could live a long life by her side.

However, he had not uttered his second wish just now. He did not want to disturb Weiwei’s peace of mind.

Nevertheless, he was undeniably much older than her. He had never been afraid of death, but since Weiwei came into his life, his fear had only grown day by day. He feared that he would not be able to be with her until the very end – that a day would come when he would have to leave her behind.

Lu Liangwei, oblivious to his thoughts, found herself unable to refute his words, much to her embarrassment.

When she recalled how his wish had all been centered around her, her heart swelled with happiness.


“What nonsense are you saying, Your Majesty? How would I ever leave you?” She shot him a look, then plucked the candles out of the cake, placed them aside, and cut the cake into several slices with a fruit knife.

She then placed the largest slice of cake on a plate and gave it to Long Yang. “You don’t like sweet foods, so I added less sugar. Try it and see if you like it.”

Long Yang took the plate from her, scooped a spoonful of cake, and brought it to his mouth.

He was surprised by the soft and pillowy texture. “How is it so soft?” After a pause, he added, “I think I taste milk.”

Lu Liangwei laughed. “That’s because I added milk in it.” She looked at him expectantly. “Is it delicious?”

Long Yang nodded, fixing her with a significant gaze. “Very.”

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Lu Liangwei glared at him in exasperation. “I was talking about the cake.”

“So was I.”

Huffing, Lu Liangwei decided to ignore the perverted Emperor.

The Emperor was getting more and more dirty-minded!

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