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Chapter 1025: 1025

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Lu Liangwei invited Zhao Qian and the others inside.

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu had already known that Lu Liangwei had made a cake that afternoon. They had been beside her the whole time and witnessed the entire baking process, though they still had yet to taste the finished product.

Chu Jiu was still her composed self, but Zhu Yu, having turned into a glutton under Lu Liangwei’s influence, could not help staring at the cake the moment Lu Liangwei called her in, her mouth watering.

“I made this cake myself. All of you are welcome to try it.” Lu Liangwei had placed the slices of cake onto different plates for them to take themselves.

The cake was not too large, just enough for each person to get one slice.

Chu Qi was the first to grab a plate. He stared at the soft, creamy-white cake, then at Long Yang who was already halfway through his serving, and after hesitating briefly, asked, “Master, how does it taste?”

Long Yang shot him a glance and shook his head. “It doesn’t taste good at all.”

Lu Liangwei, “…” Didn’t he just say it was delicious?

Chu Yi picked up the plate as well, and after studying it for a moment, looked at Long Yang inquiringly. “It doesn’t taste good?”

“Not at all.” Long Yang still shook his head, but he did not stop his hand from elegantly scooping another spoonful of cake and putting it into his mouth.

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A corner of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched.

Zhao Qian glanced at Long Yang thoughtfully, then picked up a plate and took a bite of cake. His eyes immediately lit up, but when everyone turned to look at him, he quickly shook his head. “It really doesn’t taste good.”

Chu Yi, Chu Qi, Zhu Yu, and Chu Jiu, “…”

Coming back to their senses, they dashed forward and gave Zhao Qian a kick each.

They did not dare to do anything to their master, but they could do whatever they wanted to this damn eunuch.

Zhao Qian pulled a miserable face. “I was only telling the truth.” Peeking at his master out of the corner of his eye, he thought to himself, ‘Go and kick Master if you dare! Master’s even greedier than me; he even wanted to have my slice of cake all to himself! If I hadn’t been so smart, all of you would have fallen for his pretense.’

To think that there would be a day when Master would be so greedy for food!

At the sight of the empty plate in Zhao Qian’s hands, everyone glared at him in contempt and started to collectively rebuke him. “If it didn’t taste good, why did you devour it so fast? Did you lie because you wanted to hog our share too?”

“No way! Do I look like such a greedy person?” Zhao Qian sighed, then scurried up to Lu Liangwei and said fawningly, “Your Highness, when will you make another cake like this?”

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing. “If you want more, you can ask the imperial kitchen to make it.”

Zhao Qian was stunned. “The imperial kitchen? When did they create such a delicious and intricate dessert? I’ve never heard anything about it!”

“I’ve written down the steps to bake a cake. You can pass the recipe to the imperial kitchen and ask them to learn from it,” said Lu Liangwei with a grin.

Zhao Qian widened his eyes. “You’re giving your secret recipe to that bunch of b*stards in the imperial kitchen?”

Realizing that he had accidentally cursed in front of Master and the Empress, he hurriedly shut his mouth.

“I got this recipe from someone else too, so it doesn’t matter if I pass it to them. Once they master it, we can enjoy cake every day,” said Lu Liangwei generously.

There was no electric mixer in ancient times, and it was exhausting to whisk the mixture by hand for the entire process.

She was almost unable to lift her arm right now, but she could not let the Emperor know or she would be in for another scolding.

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Zhao Qian thought to himself, ‘If Her Highness opens a cake shop and sells this special cake, she’ll definitely become rich. But she clearly doesn’t plan to earn money through selling cakes.’

He could only discard the idea.

Not long after, everyone had finished the cake on their plates, except for Lu Liangwei, who was still nibbling on hers slowly.

Everyone turned their gazes to the cake on her plate.


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