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Chapter 103: Then I Should Have A Taste

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Chapter 103: Then I Should Have A Taste

Lu Liangwei said with concern in her voice, “Since you’re unwell, you should just lie down. Father wanted to come in person today, but he’s busy with military affairs and couldn’t make the time, so he asked me to come to visit you instead. Are you alright now?”

As she spoke, a trace of displeasure flashed through Lu Yunshuang’s eyes.

Claiming to be busy was just an excuse. If Lu Liangwei was the one who had gotten injured today, Father would probably rush back to see her even if he was miles away at the frontier.

When she thought of this, jealousy and hatred filled her mind.

She was only a few days older than Lu Liangwei, but ever since they were young, Father only cared about this fool Lu Liangwei.

She was clearly the smarter and more sensible of the two, whereas Lu Liangwei only knew how to cause messes which Father would eventually end up cleaning for her. However, in Father’s heart, Lu Liangwei was immeasurably wonderful.

This was what Lu Yunshuang hated the most about Lu Liangwei. She was useless and uneducated, yet she did not have to raise a finger to win all of Father’s love and attention.

Her eyelashes drooped slightly, concealing the intense jealousy in her eyes. “My face still feels somewhat painful, but my body is fine. Thanks for your concern.”

Lu Liangwei breathed a sigh of relief. “As long as you’re fine.”

Lu Yunshuang paused for a bit. If she did not know her dimwit sister so well, she would suspect that she was the one who caused her sudden fall yesterday.

Her gaze searched Lu Liangwei’s face, eventually deciding that the thought was too ridiculous.

Lu Liangwei was just a brainless fool who was good at nothing other than causing trouble.

If she were such a devious person, she would be the one to win the Crown Prince’s hand in marriage now.

As this reasoning crossed her mind, the suspicion in her heart immediately dissipated.

In the end, Lu Yunshuang looked down on Lu Liangwei from the bottom of her heart, so even if she was a little skeptical at first, those doubts would not last for long.

Lu Liangwei already knew what Lu Yunshuang thought of her, so she was not at all worried that she would suspect her.

Lu Yunshuang pointed to the fruits and cakes on the table and said softly, “Do sit down for a while, Lil Sis. Those cakes were made by the imperial chef, and those grapes are a tribute by a foreign kingdom. You can have a try—they taste pretty good.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at the fruits and cakes on the table, detecting the unconcealable pride in Lu Yunshuang’s tone.

“So these grapes are a tribute by a foreign kingdom. I really should have a taste then.” She did not show envy as what Lu Yunshuang had expected and casually plucked a big black grape.

While peeling the skin, she said regretfully, “The fruits are of premium quality, and the cakes also look dainty and delicious. It’s a shame that you injured not only your face but also your mouth. What a pity that you can’t eat them even if you wanted to.”

A dark cloud formed on Lu Yunshuang’s face under the veil.

As Lu Liangwei said, she had indeed injured her mouth and still felt sharp pains when eating, so she could only consume liquid food for the time being.

As she watched Lu Liangwei peel a plump and juicy grape and toss it into her mouth, the cloud on her face darkened further.

She plastered on a fake smile and said, “Eat slowly, Lil Sis. Be careful not to choke…”

Lu Liangwei spat out the grape seed in her mouth, interrupting her with a thud.

“These foreign grapes are really something else, they’re so delicious.” Lu Liangwei sat down at the table, pulled the plate of fruits over, and started feasting on them without holding back.

At the sight of this, Lu Yunshuang became so annoyed that her chest hurt.

She clenched her fists to stop herself from yelling. She would have spiked the fruits if she had known better.

“Alright, I’m getting a little tired. Why don’t you go back first, Lil Sis? Remember to say hello to Grandmother and Father for me when you get back.”

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