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Chapter 1030: 1030

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Li Tong’er looked quite upset.

She had managed to keep her calm previously, but Madam Gao’s words were too hurtful.

“What do you mean by that, Madam Gao?” Madam Li could no longer take Madam Gao’s attitude and glared at her reprovingly.

Madam Gao looked upset as well. The thought of how her carefully planned Flower Admiring Banquet had been ruined by them in an instant made her furious and her words became harsh accordingly.

“What do I mean? I think I should be asking you two this question. I held this Flower Admiring Banquet by inviting Madams and ladies of exceptional character. Can’t you see what both of you actually are? How bold of you to embarrass yourselves this way.”

Li Tong’er turned pale and Madam Li’s expression went blank at the insult.

All the people present at the event were from respectable families of the imperial capital. Even if some of them did not see eye to eye, they would never openly declare it in front of each other.

Madam Li had been treated with respect for many years and this was the first time someone had insulted her to her face. Even a loose cannon like her was taken by surprise by the situation.

“Forget it. It’s just my luck that things turned out like they did today. Both of you should leave now. The Gao Family does not welcome you. And please do not attend any future banquets held by the Gao Family.”

Her words were quite brusque and left no room for retorts.


Madam Li was furious and did not back down. She spat scathingly in return, “Gao Molan, don’t you dare try to bully us this way! You were the one who invited us, and now you are trying to kick us out. Do you think we would even want to be here if we weren’t doing it out of respect for you? There will be no need for the Gao Family to send the Li Family any invitations from this day onward. The Li Family and Gao Family shall draw a line between us both and we shall never again be in contact.”

Madam Li pulled Li Tong’er with her and headed for the exit after she was done spouting her vicious words. “Let’s go, Tong’er. They are nothing but a bunch of petty people who only know to step on others to reach greater heights. Who would even bother keeping in touch with them? Tong’er, make sure your eyes are opened wide. If those people come begging to you one day, don’t be soft-hearted and give them even a scrap!”


Madam Li admonished the Gao Family loudly as she dragged Li Tong’er away. She was so angry that she had forgotten to maintain the dignity expected of a high-society wife.

Madam Gao watched as Madam Li disappeared through the door with her daughter. She was also so furious that her insides were physically hurting.

“What a shrew! They were the ones in the wrong and they dare accuse me of being overbearing? I have finally seen her true colors today. She may look generous and dignified, but she is nothing but scum with a lowly character. Doesn’t she know what her daughter is like? And yet she dares bring that daughter of hers to my house. It’s basically a sign of disrespect to me. Who does she think her daughter is, telling her not to be soft-hearted and let me get anything? I’d like to see what she is even capable of.”

Madam Gao was seething so much that she could not stop herself from spouting all her thoughts aloud.

An official’s wife pulled her back and cautioned her, “You shouldn’t think on the same level as someone like her. It’s nothing but the way of a shrew.”

Another official’s wife said thoughtfully, “What did Madam Li mean, though? Could Li Tong’er be holding some sort of power? Madam Li even said that you should not go begging her as she won’t let you off easily.”

Madam Gao abruptly cooled down when she realized the meaning behind those words.

She had invited Madam Li and her daughter to the event because of Li Tong’er’s outstanding beauty and character. Not to mention, Li Tong’er had almost become the Empress back in the day.

Madam Gao had sent them the invitation because of this train of thought.


What if Li Tong’er had actually caught the attention of that certain someone?

When she recalled Madam Li’s angry words before she stormed off, Madam Gao suddenly regretted her rash actions.

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