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Chapter 1037: The Man Was Breathing Very Close To Her  

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“Really?” Lu Liangwei asked.

Long Yang knew she meant if she had interrupted him. He rubbed her head. “Yes.” She had been sleeping so obediently all this while, how would he be interrupted by her?

“Well, that would mean I have no charm whatsoever,” Lu Liangwei pretended to look sorry.

“What are you thinking of?” Long Yang smiled as he looked at her soft, tender face. He paused and held her hand to walk out. “You must be hungry. Let’s return to Grand Phoenix Palace for dinner.”

Lu Liangwei suddenly felt hungry when he mentioned this and her tummy growled at the same time.

Lu Liangwei felt slightly embarrassed when he turned to look at her. She grabbed his hand and quickly pulled him out while trying to explain this away, “The baby must be getting hungry.”

Long Yang laughed softly and teased her, “It’s my fault for making my baby’s mother go hungry.”

Lu Liangwei calmed down when she heard his teasing. She darted him a look and a smile appeared on her lips. She said with slight pride, “I forgive you for your crime!”

Long Yang smiled happily and like magic, revealed a piece of cake, which he presented to her. “If you’re hungry, have some to fill yourself up first.”

Lu Liangwei was surprised at the sudden appearance of cake in his hand. “Huh? When did you get this?”

“Right after I put the cloak on you.” Long Yang looked at her adoringly. “Eat up.”

Lu Liangwei smiled and reached out for it. She took a bite. It was osmanthus cake and it filled her mouth with a light floral scent.

She took another two bites and looked at the man next to her. She suddenly stuffed the remaining osmanthus cake into his mouth. “Have some too, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang had never enjoyed such cake that contained glutinous rice, but when it came from Weiwei, he would never reject it.

He glanced at where it was not bitten and suddenly grabbed her hand to turn the cake around, biting where she had just eaten.

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Lu Liangwei’s pretty eyes widened and watched the man’s natural action as she pressed her lips.

That was where she had just bitten into!

“It’s delicious.” Long Yang suddenly leaned in close. His lips were right by her ears as he whispered into it.

Lu Liangwei felt like an electric current ran through her as half her buddy buzzed with numbness from it. The man’s unique scent engulfed her. It was impossible to pretend nothing had happened.

Long Yang stared at her red ears and he suddenly gulped.

Lu Liangwei was about to say something when her eyes met the dark look inside the man’s eyes.

Her lips opened and before she realized what had happened, she was pushed against the wall.

The man’s clean, fresh scent overcame her. She blinked, thinking he would kiss her. At that moment, she felt a warmth near her ear. The man was breathing very close to her.

She felt her hair stand all over her body.

Her fingers pressing against his chest curled slightly and her feather-like eyelashes fluttered.

Outside the imperial study.

Zhao Qian had prepared the lamp while waiting for his Master and Her Highness to come out and head to Grand Phoenix Palace.

He ended up waiting for a long time as his Master and Her Highness still have not come out.

Just as he was about to head inside to find out what had happened, the study door opened.

His Master’s tall figure appeared at the door, carrying Her Highness in his arms.

Her Highness seemed to be asleep. Her long, dark hair fell against his Master’s arms and her hair fluttered in the wind while his Master walked.

Zhao Qian realized that Her Highness had not woken up.

He shone the light in front of his Master and Mistress dutifully.

However, he did not know that Lu Liangwei was not asleep.

She buried herself in Long Yang’s arms with a furiously red face. The thought of what happened behind the doors of the imperial study made her face turn redder and burned more furiously.

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