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Chapter 1039: Warm And Nice   

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Long Yang frowned. “Did she come just to tell you something so useless?”

“Not exactly. I was bored, so she came to spend time with me.” Lu Liangwei quickly defended Lin Qingyuan, afraid that Long Yang would get mad at her and ban her from entering the palace in the future.

“If she keeps talking nonsense in front of you, don’t let her come to the palace anymore,” Long Yang said in a low voice. He was worried that Lin Qingyuan would shoot her mouth off to Weiwei or drive a wedge between him and her.


“She’s not that kind of person. She may be a chatterbox, but she doesn’t make things up.” After cleaning her hands, Lu Liangwei took a towel from him, wiped her hands with it, and returned it to him as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Long Yang took the towel, wiped his hands on it, hung it aside, then took her hand again and led her out of the bathroom.

Zhu Yu served both of them a bowl of soup each.

Lu Liangwei held her bowl and sipped from it.

She liked having a bowl of soup before her meals.

It made her feel warm and nice.

After she had finished her soup, Zhu Yu served her rice.

Long Yang used his chopsticks to fill her bowl with food from time to time.

Lu Liangwei returned the favor occasionally.

An intimate and peaceful atmosphere settled between the Emperor and Empress, and Zhu Yu considerately left the room to give them privacy.

“Weiwei, don’t waste your energy on irrelevant people.” All of a sudden, Long Yang spoke.

Lu Liangwei stopped eating and lifted her gaze to look at him.

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Long Yang sighed softly. He knew that Weiwei had organized that birthday celebration for him to test him.

He had figured it out when Li Tong’er had fallen in front of him.

It had probably been Weiwei who had secretly instructed the imperial censorate official to impeach Li Wei today, too.

Weiwei spent most of her time in the palace, so there was no way she could have known Li Tong’er. His busybody royal sister must have told her something during her last visit to the palace.

That was why he was sometimes irritated by people like his royal sister and Lin Qingyuan. They were always putting unnecessary thoughts in Weiwei’s head.

Thank goodness Weiwei was not a petty person, or else all that dissension-sowing would have led her to misunderstand him.

“I’ve never felt anything for Li Tong’er.” He stared into her eyes and said earnestly.

“I know.” Lu Liangwei blinked mischievously and put a piece of chicken in his bowl.

“Then why do you keep testing me?” Long Yang was a little upset.

“But Li Tong’er’s really beautiful. I saw her last time. She’s got this really fragile and delicate air that makes people pity her.” Lu Liangwei sighed. She had to admit that Li Tong’er, aside from her improper thoughts, was indeed a rare beauty

“Not as beautiful as you,” Long Yang disagreed flatly.

Perhaps everyone had different opinions – anyway, he did not find Li Tong’er attractive.

He liked Weiwei’s lovable, sunny charm as well as her youthful vigor.

She was always so healthy and full of life, and that captivated him.

Warmth bloomed in Lu Liangwei’s heart, and looking at the man’s stunning face opposite her, she returned the compliment. “You’re pretty hot too, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang smiled. He had no idea what that meant, but he had heard her use the word a few times.

She was probably calling him handsome.

Lu Liangwei had never been bothered by Li Tong’er, but she was still delighted to see how indifferent the Emperor was when she mentioned her.

“You should eat more.” She could not help putting more meat in his bowl.

Long Yang looked at the pieces of meat in his bowl, then cocked an eyebrow at her.

Lu Liangwei bit her chopsticks, averting her gaze. “You’re always swamped with work every day that it must be tiring. You should eat more to nourish yourself.”

Long Yang’s appetite was smaller at night. He would usually have a bowl of soup, half a bowl of rice, and just a bit of meat.

Lu Liangwei knew it too, and seeing him poking at the meat in his bowl with his chopsticks, she extended hers and plucked a few pieces away.

“If you don’t like them, I’ll eat them.”

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