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Chapter 105: His Handsome Face Paled

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Chapter 105: His Handsome Face Paled

Lu Yunshuang nodded. “Please see Weiwei off for me, Your Highness.”

Long Chi glanced at Lu Liangwei with a flicker of disgust in his eyes, but he did not refuse. “Alright.”

With that, he walked out first on his own.

Lu Liangwei’s mood instantly soured. Why did she ask for this jerk to see her off?

However, the moment Long Chi stepped out of the door, Lu Yunshuang seemed to remember something. Her expression changed drastically, and she shrieked, “Your Highness, wait…”

Unfortunately, it was too late. Long Chi, who had already set one foot outside the door, stepped on some unknown thing, causing him to topple forward right onto a pile of broken porcelain.

It seemed that some incompetent servant had broken a porcelain object and had not been able to clean up in time.

As she watched Long Chi trip over, Lu Yunshuang was so shocked she rolled off the couch.

Lu Liangwei had already reached the doorway and was just in time to witness Long Chi’s fall.

This accident had happened too suddenly, and Long Chi had not been able to avoid it despite his quick reflexes.

At the last second, Long Chi raised his arm to shield his face.

With a sickening crunch, the porcelain shards pierced his flesh, the sound raising the hairs on everyone’s scalp.

The servants quickly reacted and rushed forward to help Long Chi up. When they saw the bloodstains on his left sleeve, they immediately shouted in panic, “His Highness is injured! Call the imperial physician here, quick!”

For a moment, the entire Eastern Palace was engulfed in chaos.

Lu Liangwei, who was standing inside the door, lowered her head and noticed a suspicious puddle by the door.

When she first arrived, this spot was not wet at all, but Long Chi fell the moment he came out just now.

It seemed that the moist pool was probably some slippery substance like oil.

Lu Liangwei raised her eyes and glanced at the broken porcelain lying on the floor nearby. Combining Lu Yunshuang’s intense reaction just now, she quickly realized the cause of the accident.

A cold smile formed on her lips. It seemed that Lu Yunshuang had prepared this for her, and if Long Chi had not left first, she would be the one injured from the fall now.

Looking at Lu Yunshuang, who was dashing out in panic with a pale face, Lu Liangwei was even more convinced that Lu Yunshuang had originally planned to harm her but ended up hurting Long Chi by mistake.

“Your Highness, how are you? Are you alright?” Lu Yunshuang no longer cared about Lu Liangwei and shouted as she rushed toward Long Chi.

Only then did Long Chi’s blank mind finally regain its senses. As he looked at Lu Yunshuang wailing, he felt impatient for the first time.

“Don’t cry. I’m fine.”

However, Lu Yunshuang could not calm down because she was the one who had ordered Hong Xiu to put the porcelain shards on the ground.

To ensure that Lu Liangwei would fall onto the shards and get disfigured instantly, she had ordered Hong Xiu to place a lot of jagged shards on the ground.

Not only did she fail to harm her target, but she hurt the Crown Prince instead. As Lu Yunshuang thought of this, her expression became horrified.

She pulled up Long Chi’s sleeve carefully to examine his injuries but inadvertently ended up tugging at the shards stuck in his flesh. The pain caused Long Chi to gasp sharply, his handsome face paling.

Lu Liangwei stood behind them and looked on with cold indifference, feeling extremely satisfied inside.

How she loved seeing them getting what they deserved!

“My Princess, it would be better if you refrain from touching the Prince. I noticed that some shards are attached to the sleeve on one end. If you pull it like that, you’ll tug at the shards in the Prince’s flesh, and he’ll be in great pain. I’m afraid that it could even cause secondary damage, so let’s wait for the imperial physician to come and deal with the injuries.”

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