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Chapter 1054: 1054

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After packing his belongings, Housekeeper Yu left the imperial holiday home.

He did not collect his salary for that month.

He was already grateful that the Empress was merciful enough not to punish him for his mistake, and he felt that he was in no place to ask for money.

However, the moment he left the imperial holiday home, he caught sight of Li Tong’er.

Li Tong’er had packed even more lightly than him. All she carried was a small cloth bundle, and instead of her servant’s uniform, she was now wearing a white dress.

Li Tong’er immediately turned around at the sound of footsteps.

“Hello, Housekeeper Yu,” she greeted him.

Taken aback, Housekeeper Yu paused briefly before walking toward her. “Were you waiting for me?”

Li Tong’er nodded, then fished out a box from her cloth bundle and handed it to him. “I’m the one who made you lose your job. This small sum is my compensation to you.”

Housekeeper Yu took the box and opened it, only to find it filled with golden leaves. He stared at her in surprise.

He seemed to be wondering how a woman who had been divorced by her husband and abandoned by her natal home possessed so much money.

Embarrassed, Li Tong’er avoided his probing gaze and explained, “Housekeeper Yu, everything I told you before was a lie.”

Housekeeper Yu was startled. “Which story are you referring to? The one about you being divorced by your husband?”

Li Tong’er shook her head, thought for a moment, and raised her head again. “No, it’s true that I was divorced by my husband, but my natal home took me in and treated me well. I was just too greedy to climb the social ladder, and I ended up using you.” Her voice grew quiet with shame at the end.

After listening to her, Housekeeper Yu mulled over her words briefly, then stared at her in realization and shock. “How could you…” However, when his gaze fell on her lovely face, he suddenly found himself at a loss for words.

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Aside from the Empress, the lady before him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Moreover, the endearing and delicate air she exuded stimulated compassion and protectiveness in others easily.

He had always been a careful person, but when he encountered her for the first time, he had forgotten all his principles and broke the rules to let her work in the imperial holiday home.

He had been in charge of the servants in the imperial holiday home.

Actually, he had only abandoned the principles he had adhered to all this time because he had been mesmerized by her beauty.

Therefore, he did not feel wronged for being fired by the Empress. He had brought it on himself.

After a long while, he said, “The Emperor loves the Empress very much. Nobody can ever come between them.”

Li Tong’er nodded. “Now I finally understand.”

Hearing this, Housekeeper Yu said in relief, “I’m glad you do. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s not too late to turn over a new leaf.”

“Thank you, Housekeeper Yu,” said Li Tong’er earnestly.

Housekeeper Yu shook his head and returned the box to her. “I don’t need this, keep it for yourself. Remember not to reveal your wealth to others anymore, or you’ll attract attention and disaster from wicked people.” He could not help reminding her.

Li Tong’er refused to take the box back. “But I’m the one who got you into this mess…”

Housekeeper Yu simply grabbed her hand and stuffed the box into her palm, saying gently, “And I told you that it’s my fault, not yours. I deserve to be fired, so don’t feel guilty about it. Besides, I’ve been longing to explore the world outside. I’m actually glad that this happened; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to leave at all.”

Astonished by his carefree attitude, Li Tong’er blurted out, “If you don’t mind having more company, why don’t we explore the world together?”

Housekeeper stared at her in surprise. “You want to come with me? Aren’t you afraid that I’m a bad person?”

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