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Chapter 1061: 1061

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Chu Jiu repeated the words Zhao Qian told her.

“Robbers running rampant in the North-West area?” Lu Liangwei frowned. If those were just ordinary robbers, there was no need for Long Yang to have such a long discussion with the officials.

She looked at Chu Jiu with a hint of suspicion.

Chu Jiu gave a start and replied, “They were no ordinary robbers. I heard that these crooks are particularly emboldened and they plan to…to turn the world upside down.” Chu Jiu was slightly surprised at herself for being able to say something like this out loud.

Lu Liangwei was quite shocked to hear this.

“How could such savages exist? They are nothing but stragglers and disbanded soldiers who cannot amount to anything. How dare they proclaim something so insolent?!” She was quite enraged.

No wonder Long Yang was not back yet.

Even though those robbers would likely achieve nothing, they would still cause quite a lot of trouble if not promptly taken care of.

Chu Jiu was relieved to see that Lu Liangwei had bought the story.

It was not an easy task to lie to Her Highness’ face.

Lu Liangwei finally set her worries aside now that she knew the reason and went to have her breakfast.

Long Yang returned in the afternoon.

Lu Liangwei was about to stand up to welcome him when he strode inside swiftly and pressed her back down on the shoulders.

Lu Liangwei lifted her head to look at him. When she noticed the obvious fatigue on his face, she could not help but feel sorry for him. She clasped his large hands and said, “Was it a difficult situation to handle?”

Zhao Qian had already informed Long Yang about the story he made up.

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Long Yang knew that Weiwei was under the impression that the situation was about rampant robbers in the North-West area.

“There’s no need to worry. Everything’s fine now. I’ve sent capable men to straighten out the situation.”

Lu Liangwei nodded and said gently to his weary face, “You must be hungry. I’ll get Zhu Yu to set the table.”

“Alright,” Long Yang replied. It was a rare sight for him to not immediately stand up. He was still mulling over the situation at the frontier.

The old him would have been able to give the order without hesitation.

Lu Liangwei glanced at him and suppressed her thoughts about how strange he was acting. She got up and took care of the food herself.

Long Yang accompanied Lu Liangwei for the usual nap after lunch.

He got out of bed and headed to the imperial study as soon as she fell asleep.

It was impossible for him to send Ling Lihua to the frontier. Instead, he made arrangements to send Chief Physician Lin and a few other imperial physicians from the imperial hospital.

Xu Chen rested for half a day and was now fully re-energized. He was currently waiting at the imperial study.

There was also Lu Hetian by his side.

Lu Hetian stayed at the Palace after the imperial court session was over, but he did not go to Grand Phoenix Palace to prevent raising Lu Liangwei’s suspicion.

Zhao Qian had ordered an imperial meal for him, but he had no appetite as he was quite worried about the situation at the frontier.

Long Yang entered the room just in time to see Zhao Qian ordering the servants to clear the table.

He paused for a moment. He knew that his father-in-law could not bring himself to eat as he was troubled with the frontier issue.

Lu Hetian approached Long Yang and bowed when he saw him enter.

He did not say a word against Long Yang’s decision.

It was because he loved his daughter, Lu Liangwei, just like Long Yang did, and he would not allow any harm to befall her.

Both of them asked Xu Chen for more concrete details on the frontier’s situation.

After that, they discussed strategies on how to handle the disaster at the site.

“Chief Physician Lin is highly adept at medicine. I will be sending him there this time.” Long Yang drummed his fingers on the table as he made his decision.

Lu Hetian nodded. He agreed that Lihua should stay by Weiwei’s side at the imperial capital. Chief Physician Lin’s medical skills were the best after Ling Lihua’s. “I’ll take the lead and bring a few men with me to the frontier tomorrow.”

“Please be careful, Father-in-law.” Long Yang’s voice softened slightly.

“I will. However, things aren’t that simple when the frontier is concerned. Chaos might brew and Your Majesty must take care to arrange precautions around the surrounding areas,” Lu Hetian pointed out.

Long Yang understood what he meant. If what was happening at the frontier was caused by a third party, they might take the chance to create chaos during the brawl. “I understand. I have my plans for that. Thank you for the hard work on the frontier situation, Father-in-law.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll settle the situation there as it deems fit,” Lu Hetian said with determination.

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