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Chapter 1073: 1073

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“To buy medicinal materials that can cure poison, of course,” replied Ling Lihua.

“But you still don’t know what poison it is. Is there any point in preparing medicinal materials now?” Lu Hetian was puzzled.

“I may not know which poison it is, but I can give other unpoisoned soldiers antipoisons first. That way, they won’t catch the disease as easily, and then we just need to focus on curing the poisoned soldiers,” said Ling Lihua confidently. “By the way, can you take another trip to the palace and ask Weiwei about the ingredients in the medicine she gave Tingchen? That way, I can produce an antipoison faster and more efficiently.”

Lu Hetian paused, then produced a medicine bottle from within his clothes. “I have one too. Weiwei gave it to me, but I haven’t taken it. You can have it; that way we won’t have to go back and ask Weiwei.”

Ling Lihua was astonished. “How come you have it too?”

“Weiwei said that she produced a total of three pills, which she gave to me, Mother, and Tingchen. But back then…” Lu Hetian paused. Back then, he did not care about his life as Lihua had not forgiven him yet, which was why he did not take the pill after Weiwei had given it to him. It was only now that he remembered it, and even so, he planned to give it to Lihua immediately.

Contrary to what they expected, the soldiers at the frontier had fallen ill due to poison and not a plague.

In that case, the pill would be more useful than ever.

He no longer had to worry about Lihua catching the disease when treating the sick soldiers.

The thought delighted him.

“Weiwei’s so nice to you guys,” Ling Lihua muttered a little sulkily, but she did not take the bottle. “Just take the pill yourself.”

Lu Hetian was anxious. “Why? You need it more than I. You should have it.” He grabbed her hand and stuffed the bottle into her palm.

Gripping the cool bottle, Ling Lihua was a little moved. “Are you an idiot? I told you I don’t need it. That’s because I’ve been tempered by hundreds of poisons when I was a child, and I’m already immune to them. It’ll just be a waste if you give me the pill.”

Lu Hetian was startled. “Tempered by hundreds of poisons?” She rarely spoke about her childhood, and now that he heard her mention it, he could not help feeling curious.

“Yes.” Ling Lihua nodded, but she was not too keen to continue the subject and merely said, “Then I’ll keep the pill first so we won’t have to go back and ask Weiwei. As for the necessary medicinal materials, I’ll order the House of Swallow Snow to deliver them to the frontier later.” What she stopped short of saying was that she could identify any medicinal material with just a sniff, including distilled pills like this one.

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As for the House, it had members all over the kingdom; wherever there was human habitation, there was the House’s influence. She could simply order the House to purchase medicinal materials when she needed them.

After hearing what she said, Lu Hetian did not press the matter.

The group set out for the frontier in a formidable array.

Without the hustle and bustle of the day, all was quiet and peaceful in Xiangyang City at night.

It was already late, but the Xiangyang Mansion’s study was still lit by candlelight.

Long Xiao looked at the uninvited visitor sitting before him, a smirk teasing the corners of his lips. “My dear nephew, have you come to visit me because you missed your dear uncle?”

Long Chi ignored his mockery. According to the family hierarchy, he indeed needed to call him Royal Uncle.

After stowing his human skin mask away slowly, he finally faced the man sitting opposite him.

“I’ll cut to the chase. I have important matters to discuss with you today, but the main question is—would you be interested, Royal Uncle?”

“What is it about?” Long Xiao stroked the cup in his hands, a nonchalant expression on his face.

“Do you know about the current situation at the frontier?” Instead of replying, Long Chi returned the question.

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