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Chapter 1074: 1074

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Long Xiao gave an imperceptible arch of his brow. According to the news from his scout, some kind of trouble had occurred at the frontier, but he had failed to find out exactly what it was as Lu Tingchen had suppressed all information from leaking out and sealed off all checkpoints leading to the frontier.

“How would an idler like me know anything about the frontier? But since you do, my dear nephew, why don’t you enlighten me?”

Long Chi scoffed inwardly.

Back when he was the Heir Apparent, this royal uncle of his had been rather dissatisfied with him.

Although he had been guarding the pitifully tiny land of Xiangyang all these years, he had also been ambitiously expanding his power in secret.

However, even he was incapable of obtaining information about the occurrence at the frontier.

If Long Chi had not known about it all along, he would not have gotten a single scrap of information either.

Lu Tingchen was truly an intelligent and talented general!

“I heard that the soldiers at the frontier have been infected with a plague.”

“A plague?” No matter how calm Long Xiao tried to be, he could not help being taken aback by the news.

“Exactly.” Long Chi nodded and said significantly, “Now’s a good time. So do I have your interest now, Royal Uncle?”

Long Xiao stared at him for a while, then his face suddenly turned grim. “Long Chi, it’s true that a general’s success is built upon thousands of sacrificed lives, but your method’s simply too underhanded. The soldiers at the frontier are the barrier that protects Great Shang. If they fall, the enemy state will invade us easily, and when that happens, it’ll be the end of Great Shang.” He figured immediately that this plague was probably Long Chi’s doing.

“A man of great ambition doesn’t bother about trifles! If you want to achieve great things, you have to make sacrifices,” Long Chi disagreed, feeling that Long Xiao was being rather mawkish.

He had never been a good person, so why bother acting like he even cared about the kingdom and its people?

How irritating!

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Right now, however, he still needed the man, so he had to avoid getting on his bad side. Even though he despised this Royal Uncle of his, he did not show it on his face.

Long Xiao slammed his hand down on the table angrily. “But Long Chi, a man should at least have principles! I admit that I desire Great Shang’s throne, but I’ve never thought of resorting to something so despicable as a plague. Do you know what will happen if the plague spreads at the frontier? The Yan Kingdom and Danjue will break through our city walls without having to lift a finger! And you still want to take advantage of the situation and dispatch your troops? Long Chi, you disgust me!”

Long Chi laughed brusquely. “Why bother putting on the noble act, Royal Uncle? Since our goals are the same, who are you to criticize me?”

In a rage, Long Xiao planted one hand on the table and grabbed a fistful of Long Chi’s shirt with the other. “Let me tell you this very clearly—I desire the throne, but at least I have my principles! We can stir up chaos inside the kingdom, but don’t you ever touch the soldiers at the frontier! Do you hear me?”

Long Chi pushed his hand away and snickered. “Royal Uncle, I didn’t come here tonight to listen to your lecture. Do you think you’re the only one who has principles? It’s true that the plague was my doing, but I’ll give them the antidote when the time comes. I’m only doing this to make the Emperor panic.”

“You really have the antidote?” Long Xiao stared straight at him.

“Of course,” said Long Chi firmly. “Besides, it’s not a plague. It’s just a poison, but it won’t kill them.”

Hearing this, Long Xiao finally exhaled in relief and slumped into the chair behind him.

If Long Chi had really planned to sacrifice the soldiers at the frontier on his path to the throne, he would do everything in his power to kill him today.


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