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Chapter 109: He Must Have Been Patiently Tolerating For Quite A While

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Chapter 109: He Must Have Been Patiently Tolerating For Quite A While

If this continued, she might catch a cold and fall sick once she arrived at Sacred Hillock Peak.

However, she was not willing to delay the journey by getting the horse to slow down.

While she was struggling with the thought, she did not realize that Long Yang’s horse had gotten right next to where she was.

It was only when both horses were less than half a foot apart when Long Yang suddenly reached out to her.

Lu Liangwei did not notice Long Yang’s action as she was too focused on riding. She suddenly felt something tighten around her waist. The next thing she knew, she felt all her weight leave the ground and her entire body was lifted from the saddle.

The expression on her face changed and she was about to shout when she found herself suddenly sitting in front of Long Yang.

Lu Liangwei had not recovered from the surprise. She felt her back push against a masculine chest and she blinked, as if suddenly realizing something. Her entire body quickly stiffened.

What was Long Yang doing?

She turned her gaze to the back and saw the horse she was originally riding being pulled at the reins by the man in the straw hat as he led it forward.

Then she heard a voice—a man’s low, bassy tone. “I’ll take you along with me. We might make it there faster.”

Lu Liangwei felt a warm breath caress the tip of her ear. It was as if he had spoken straight into it.

She felt uneasy all over from the uncomfortably intimate distance between them.

She lifted her head slightly and saw that he was staring straight ahead, and not at her. It was only then that she let out a breath of relief.

She looked at the cold, hard outlines of his lower jaw. She wanted to call out to him to stop, but the words circulated in her throat before she swallowed them back down.

Forget about it. He might really be only thinking about taking her on the journey.

She could feel the speed as well—it was indeed much faster than when she was riding her horse.

Now she felt a little embarrassed about her earlier delight when discovering she could get her horse to gallop at full speed.

As it turned out, the speed she had managed could not even be considered anything resembling quick. Truth be told, it was nowhere near the speed Long Yang was able to go.

No wonder he insisted on taking her along with him. He must have been patiently tolerating her horse’s speed for quite a while.

As she was thinking up various reasons for this situation, she felt a warmth on her body. The next thing she knew, she was completely covered up in a cloak, sheltering her from the cold wind blowing against her at the speedy ride.

A pair of strong, sturdy arms wrapped halfway around her.

Lu Liangwei’s head went blank. The man’s clean, fragrant scent filled her nostrils. Her mind suddenly went slightly woozy and she became a little slow to react.

A slight curve appeared on Long Yang’s lips when he realized the little lady in his arms was staying silent and obedient.

The man in the straw hat riding behind them nearly fell off his horse when he saw his master’s actions.

Was he seeing things?

He had actually witnessed his master—the man who never allowed another woman to come near him—hold Second Miss Lu in his arms.

What had happened and what had he missed during all this time when he was not around?

He blinked once, and then a second time. The strange scene in front of him did not disappear. It looked like he was not seeing things, after all.

His master was really, and truly, hugging a lady in his arms…

Lu Liangwei did not know how much time had passed. It was only when the horse had finally stopped that Lu Liangwei, who had dozed off, started to wake up slowly.

When she realized that she had actually fallen asleep in Long Yang’s arms, she felt nothing but embarrassment and awkwardness. She wished dearly to find a hole she could hide in.

How could she have fallen asleep?

While she was writhing in her embarrassment, she felt her body suddenly go light. Long Yang was actually carrying her down from the horse.

Lu Liangwei’s face was about to be set on fire now.

She tried pushing him away in panic. “I—I can get off by myself. Put me down now…”

Long Yang paused momentarily when he saw the young lady’s fair, slender fingers push against his chest. He gave a barely perceptible smile as he placed her onto the ground.

Abashed, she lowered her head slightly, looking quite embarrassed.

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