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Chapter 1120: 1120

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That said, even though Ji’er did not really like being carried, she would never react this violently or cry so loudly.

The hunter’s wife could not help but wonder about this as she took a glance at Long Yang.

Was that man not Ji’er’s father?

There should be a bond between father and daughter. Even though they had just met for the first time, Ji’er should not be giving this kind of reaction.

Long Yang stood rooted to the spot, feeling dejected.

He could sense Ji’er’s rejection of him. The baby did not like him at all, and it was a feeling that ran deep inside her.

Even though she was still young, she had faced great danger the moment she was born, and the sensation was engraved in her bones. As such, when Long Yang got close to her, she instinctively sensed danger and she rejected his touch by crying.

Chu Qi did not even need to cajole her much. She would stop crying the moment he held her in his arms.

However, the baby was still sobbing in the aftermath as she had cried too hysterically and her face was covered with tears. She made quite the pitiful sight.

Chu Qi could not see, but he could feel the fear and animosity she felt toward that person.

His fingers touched the baby’s cheek gently; when he felt wetness on his fingertips, he frowned. He lifted his sleeve and wiped away the tears from her face.

Long Yang felt conflicted when he saw how natural Chu Qi’s actions were.

He could tell that Ji’er was quite dependent on Chu Qi.

Long Yang knew why.

It was because Chu Qi had saved her twice in a short period. She might be just a baby, but she could still sense who bore ill will toward her and who was friendly.

Chu Qi cradled Ji’er in his arms and his fingers gently patted her back.

Soon, Ji’er stopped sobbing and leaned into Chu Qi’s arms obediently. It was the complete opposite of how she was bawling just moments ago.

Long Yang darted a look at Chu Qi and he felt mixed feelings, which included jealousy.

Ji’er was supposed to be his daughter, but she refused to even be close to her father.

The way she was acting so intimately with Chu Qi made Long Yang a little unhappy.

However, he quickly let the feeling go.

He should be grateful that she had not been hurt and was safe and sound. This had given him the opportunity to make up for what he did to her.

The hunter returned from his foraging and was astonished to find out that Long Yang was the baby girl’s father.

He looked at the man sitting in the living room; the big and tall hunter suddenly felt nervous. He did not dare to get closer.

Long Yang had a feeling of authority about him, which made the hunter tread every step carefully.

“Thank you for saving us.” Long Yang spoke up first as he looked at the honest-faced hunter.

It was not in his character to speak emotional words of gratitude, but his tone was filled with sincerity as he made a note to remember the gratitude he felt for the hunter and his wife.

They had saved his daughter and Chu Qi, and even saved him afterward.

“You’re welcome. I didn’t really do anything. I was just lending a hand. Anyone else would have helped in that situation too.” The hunter felt slightly embarrassed as he smiled earnestly.

Long Yang’s expression softened. The hunter was being humble. If someone else had seen them in their situation, there might not be a guarantee they would save them.

He could tell that the hunter and his wife were kind people. They had saved the whole lot of them without requesting anything in return and had even taken care of Chu Qi and Ji’er for a lengthy time.

It was Chu Qi and Ji’er’s great fortune to have been saved by them.

Long Yang did not say anything more. Not all gratitude was required to be said out loud.

He looked at the rustic home and began thinking about how to repay them.

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