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Chapter 1124: That Would Make Ji’er A Princess

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“I won’t. You should pack some of your own belongings. There’s no need to take too many things with you. Everything will be provided at the imperial capital.” Long Yang was not surprised by how this turned out. He could tell that the hunter and his wife loved Ji’er sincerely. The woman was willing to raise Ji’er because she had no children of her own. She had treated Ji’er as her own child.

There were many servants in the Palace who could take care of Ji’er, but there were few who would treat her this sincerely.

Ji’er was still very young and she needed people who treated her sincerely to be by her side. Long Yang felt this was a good thing and he believed Weiwei would agree with him.

The hunter and his wife were a little sorrowful to leave the place where they had lived for a long time.

They kept packing and repacking their things, wanting to take everything with them.

It was Long Yang who made the decision for them in the end. “Just leave everything here and lock the place up well. You can return to this place for a short stay whenever you have the time.”

The hunter and his wife went along with his suggestion and packed only a few clothes and some valuable items with them.

They had just walked out of the courtyard when two men in form-fitting clothes came rushing toward them from the opposite direction of the mountain roads.

They were both overjoyed to see Long Yang.

“Your Majesty!”

They quickly approached Long Yang and dropped to one knee in front of him. “We’ve finally found you.” They were so happy that they almost cried.

When Butler Zhao returned to the Palace yesterday, he immediately put together a team to fetch His Majesty. When they arrived at Hundred Feet Cliff and saw how steep and dangerous it was, they found themselves unable to get to the bottom.

In the end, these two brothers bravely volunteered to take up the duty of going down the cliff and getting His Majesty.

They had pretty good martial arts skills and had grown up in the mountains since they were young. This led them to develop excellent climbing skills.

Butler Zhao had a good understanding of their skills and he agreed to them volunteering.

They started the descent of Hundred Feet Cliff the minute the sun was up.

Needless to say, the journey was precarious.

Even though both of them reached the bottom of the cliff successfully, they had suffered wounds all over.

They tidied themselves up slightly after that and started searching along the path.

There was nobody all along the wild mountains and they had thought they would return empty-handed. They did not at all expect to find His Majesty here.

They were astonished and delighted at the same time.

Long Yang recognized them and knew who the brothers were. They were considered incomparable powerhouses among the imperial guards. They had good martial arts skills and Long Yang was not surprised they were able to make it down Hundred Feet Cliff.

“It’s been hard on you both. Get up.” His voice was warm.

The brothers, Chen Wu and Chen Wen, immediately got up and asked, “Your Majesty, should we…”

“We’re preparing to head to the nearest town and journey to the imperial capital from there.” Long Yang looked at the multiple layers of mountain range far ahead. There was worry in his heart and he asked, “Has Her Highness woken up when you came here?”

Chen Wen replied, “Butler Zhao immediately worked on gathering a team to head to Hundred Feet Cliff to fetch Your Majesty after taking Her Highness back to the Palace. We have no idea how Her Highness is doing now.”

Long Yang did not ask anything further when he heard this.

He turned to look at Ji’er, who was sleeping in Chu Qi’s arms. The frustration in him had receded greatly.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Wu took the package full of Ji’er’s necessities from Long Yang. He checked the route with the hunter and began leading the way for the party.

Chen Wen was in charge of taking care of the belongings packed by the hunter and his wife.

The couple watched as the Chen brothers formed a protective stance in front and behind Long Yang and they were still unable to believe what they were seeing.

Did they hear those two men refer to him as ‘Your Majesty’?

Was the man His Majesty?

That would make Ji’er a princess.

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