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Chapter 1125: 1125

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They could hardly believe it. They had actually saved His Majesty and the princess?

Both the hunter and his wife felt weak in the knees.

They were still unable to process what was happening.

His Majesty had even eaten and stayed with them for a full day and night.

They had no idea at all that he was the noble Emperor.

Even though they suspected he might have come from an extraordinary background, the most they dared imagine was that he might be part of the imperial family. It had never crossed their minds that he was the Emperor himself.

Moreover, he had come personally for Ji’er.

They had always heard people talking about how heartless the imperial family could be.

However, it seemed it was far from reality. His Majesty had risked himself to climb down Hundred Feet Cliff for his daughter’s sake. This proved that he could cherish the people around him. How could he be a heartless person?

It was no wonder Great Shang was managed well. The people had enough food and necessities and there were not many wars erupting in recent times.

The hunter and his wife looked at each other and they were even careful with their breathing.

Chu Qi had never traveled on this particular road that led to the nearest town after coming down the mountains. Long Yang wanted to aid him, but his offer was rejected. However, Chu Qi did hand Ji’er over to Long Yang.

Ji’er had already fallen asleep and did not wake up even when she was in Long Yang’s arms.

Long Yang finally relaxed and was less tense when he saw this.

He was afraid Ji’er would begin crying hysterically again.

Long Yang’s heart melted once again when he held his daughter in his arms.

He wanted to kiss her little face, but was afraid of waking her up.

Long Yang contented himself with watching her sleeping face as he held back the emotions he was feeling.

There was still time in the future!

They were father and daughter, after all. Even if there was a wall between them, it would one day crumble down as time passed.

He was confident of it.

Meanwhile, in the Palace.

Long Yang had activated Lu Liangwei’s sleeping pressure point at Hundred Feet Cliff.

Considering the fact that she was highly agitated with emotion, Chu Jiu did not release the pressure point even after they returned to the Palace.

Lu Liangwei would only wake up after the pressure point was released naturally.

It was early morning the next day when she woke up.

She had gone through great torment the night before. In addition to that, she had been over-emotional and agitated. This resulted in her face being drained of all color.

She sat up and was dazed for a while.

Then her eyes turned wet at the thought of Ji’er. Even though she was not as distressed compared to the night before, she still felt a lot of pain in her heart.

Right then, the doors were pushed open and the Dowager Duchess walked in, assisted by a cane.

The elderly woman was delighted to see Lu Liangwei conscious. “Weiwei, you’re awake.”

Lu Liangwei quickly wiped away her tears, feeling guilty when she saw the old lady looking as if she had aged a few more years. She tried to get off the bed.


The Dowager Duchess quickly came forward and pressed her back down. “Your body is still weak. You shouldn’t get out of bed.”

Lu Liangwei stayed in bed when she heard this. She looked at the elderly woman’s white hair and gaunt eyes. She lowered her eyes in shame. “I have been unfilial to have made you worried, Grandmother.”

The Dowager Duchess reached out to hug her. “Silly girl. It doesn’t matter what happens to me as long as you’re well. Don’t say such things again in the future.”

“Alright, Grandmother.” Lu Liangwei nodded obediently.

The Dowager Duchess sighed and held Lu Liangwei’s cold hands. “I know you’re feeling sad, but you have to remember to take care of yourself. Don’t fall apart before the girl is found.” The Dowager Duchess paused and could not help speaking a few words for the emperor. “Also, don’t blame His Majesty for this. His Majesty cherishes you a lot and you mean everything to him. When you stopped breathing after giving birth to Ji’er, Chief Physician Lin and Imperial Physician Wu were unable to revive you. His Majesty couldn’t accept it, which was why he went mad and did something to hurt Ji’er.”

“However, he wasn’t targeting Ji’er alone. He could not live with the fact that you would not open your eyes. It wasn’t just Ji’er, he wanted everyone to die with you. I could tell that he lost the will to live. He wanted to kill everyone and later commit suicide to be with you.”

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