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Chapter 1127: 1127

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Lu Liangwei’s body did feel uncomfortable after the Dowager Duchess left. Her grandmother had informed her that her two children were asleep, so she did not force herself to get up to see the children next door.

She felt a little faint. This must have been caused by the suffering she had to endure the last two days and the lack of recuperation.

Lu Liangwei laid down in bed once more and planned to see her two children once she was rested.

It was not long before she fell asleep, but she did not sleep well and had nightmares.

She dreamed about Ji’er being in danger and next dreamed about His Majesty being in danger.

Lu Liangwei did not sleep well at all.

Her forehead was covered in sweat.

She forced herself to wake up, but it felt like she was pressed down by something. She could not open her eyes and her body was not able to move at all.

This continued for quite a long time and when her mind was finally cleared up, she could feel strong vibrations coming from below her.

“What’s going on? Is there an earthquake?” She mumbled. Suddenly, she heard a burst of soft laughter in her ears.

“It’s been a long time, Weiwei, and you’re still as interesting with your words just like before!”

Weiwei’s slightly confounded mind immediately turned alert when she heard the voice.

She slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the ordinary face of a man, the kind of face that would be buried among a crowd of people.

“Earthquake? I think you might be talking about a dragon tossing and turning underground.” The man looked at her playfully, his eyes glinting with deep interest for her.

Lu Liangwei wanted to move but found herself unable to. She stared at the man and asked, “What did you do to me?”

The man stared at her face. Even though she was very pale, it could not hide the ravishing beauty that she was. He suddenly moved closer to her and his fingers brushed across her face. “Nerve Weakening Powder.”

Lu Liangwei turned her head to the side in disgust. “Get your dirty hands off me!”

The man’s face darkened as he suddenly grabbed her by the chin. He bent forward to kiss her on the lips.

“Long Chi, you despicable man!” Lu Liangwei roared. “I see this is all you are. What sort of man are you to only know to hide?”

The man seemed taken aback when he heard her shout out. He looked at her with a small smile. “How did you know it’s me? Admit it, Weiwei. I’m still in your heart.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to throw up. “No wonder Long Xuan defeated you so easily. How dare you even plan a rebellion when you’re such a brainless person. What a joke!”

The look on Long Chi’s face changed as he sneered. “I had no idea that you had such a smart mouth that spouts mean words. What exactly does my Royal Uncle see in you?”

“Why? Do you think my words sound terrible? If you’re a man, stop skulking around like a petty thief and please act like a proper person,” Lu Liangwei said sarcastically.

“You!” The veins on Long Chi’s forehead throbbed as he lifted his hand to hit her, but his hand slumped down heavily when he looked into her cold eyes. “There’s no need to agitate me, Lu Liangwei. I won’t let you go. Just as you said, I lost in the fight against my Royal Uncle, but I need to have some sort of upper hand no matter what! I did not suffer any loss if I have a beauty like you by my side while I’m on the run!” With that, he reached his hands out to her soft, tender face and pinched it hard.

A red mark instantly appeared on her pale face.

When Long Chi saw this, a pained look immediately appeared on his face. He reached out to touch her face. “Is it painful? I didn’t do it on purpose, but your words were truly hurtful and I could not stop myself.”

Lu Liangwei closed her eyes in disgust and she refused to give him another look.

The look in her eyes that seemed like she had seen something really dirty deeply affected Long Chi.

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