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Chapter 1130: 1130

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Long Yang cut her off before she could continue. “I know what you want to say, but Weiwei’s missing, and we don’t know who took her. I need to save her.”

The Dowager Duchess sighed heavily. “Actually, it’s my fault that Weiwei’s missing. If I hadn’t left the palace that day—if I’d stayed—this wouldn’t have happened.”

Long Yang’s heart ached. “This has nothing to do with you, Grandmother. Don’t blame yourself.”

The Dowager Duchess shook her head. “No, it does. I had a long conversation with Weiwei that day. After that, Weiwei told me to go home and rest, and I did. It’s my fault for being so old and weak.”

Long Yang frowned. “Don’t say that, Grandmother. It’s all thanks to you that the palace’s still under control during this time. Weiwei and I should apologize for making you worry about us even though you’re already old.”

“You’re too kind, Your Majesty. I didn’t really do anything.” Seeing that he was gradually calming down, the Dowager Duchess went back to the main issue. “Have faith in Weiwei, Your Majesty. She’s a clever and brave girl. For her to go missing so suddenly, she must have been kidnapped, which means that she’s safe, at least for now.

“She’ll definitely find a way to escape. You shouldn’t go anywhere, Your Majesty; the palace needs you. I’m sure the kidnapper has a motive for doing this, so we’ll just wait for them to come to us and name their conditions, then we’ll find a chance to rescue Weiwei.”

Actually, the Dowager Duchess was not too sure what the kidnapper’s motive was either. Many days had passed, and there had not been a single ransom letter.

However, she was certain that the kidnapper did not intend to kill Weiwei.

If they had wanted to take Weiwei’s life, they would not have kidnapped her. They could have just made things more convenient by killing her in the palace

After all, Weiwei was an adult, not a child. It was not easy to escape with a living adult.

She was confident that the kidnapper had no intention of killing Weiwei because there was no trace of blood in her bedchamber.

However, who could that person be? If killing Weiwei was not their goal, then what?

Suppressing the worry and unease in her heart, she continued to say to Long Yang, “The prosperity of the kingdom depends on you, Your Majesty. There’s a mountain of state affairs that you haven’t dealt with, and the situation at the frontier hasn’t been completely stabilized either. There are still a lot of matters that require your decision, so you really shouldn’t leave the palace and risk yourself again. As for Weiwei…” After a pause, she steeled her heart and said, “She’s a lucky child. She’ll be fine; don’t worry about her.”

Long Yang had already calmed down completely.

He knew that the Dowager Duchess meant well.

During this period, he had indeed neglected the kingdom. What the Dowager Duchess wished was for him to spend his energy on governing state affairs.

However, how could he keep his mind on work, knowing that Weiwei had been kidnapped?

Besides, he had already thought of everything the Dowager Duchess could think of.

If the kidnapper wanted to use Weiwei to demand a ransom, they would have already done it. So many days had passed, and there had been no news whatsoever about them. It was as if they had vanished into thin air.

“Your Majesty, your children still need you. You have to take care of your health,” the Dowager Duchess added.

“Please stand up first, Grandmother.” Long Yang reached out to help her up.

The Dowager Duchess looked at him hesitantly. “Your Majesty…”

Long Yang sighed. “Don’t worry, Madam. I won’t act on impulse anymore.”

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