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Chapter 1149: 1149

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Lu Liangwei tugged on the reins to drive the carriage away, but the next moment, she froze.

Long Chi was standing in front of her with a grin on his face. “Weiwei, you never fail to surprise me!”

An imperceptible frown creased Lu Liangwei’s forehead, and she curled her lip. “And you never fail to disgust me!”

Unbothered by her remark, Long Chi took a few steps toward her. “You’re so charming that I’m finding it harder to let you go.”

Suppressing the urge to gag, Lu Liangwei said coolly, “If you’re smart, you’ll get out of my way, or you’ll be very sorry!”

Long Chi asked with interest, “Are you going to poison me? Will it be the kind of poison that will paralyze me or the kind that you used on Zeng Lunan?”

“Of course it’ll be”—in a flash, Lu Liangwei hurled a medicine ball at him—”a bomb!”


Thinking that the round object flying toward him was poison or coma-inducing medicine, Long Chi dodged it.

However, when the round object hit the ground, it suddenly exploded.

A whiff of white smoke emerged from it.

Carried by the wind, the smoke drifted into Long Chi’s nose and mouth.

Although he reacted quickly by covering his mouth, he still ended up inhaling some of it.

His body swayed back and forth before toppling backward as the world went black before his eyes.

At the same time, Lu Liangwei felt a jab in her back, which immediately rendered her immobile.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes darted around, only to see Liu Fu walk out from behind her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jiang Chong help Long Chi up from the ground.

At once, she realized what had happened.

Long Chi had used himself to distract her so that Liu Fu could sneak behind her.

While she was dealing with Long Chi, he attacked her from behind and struck her pressure point.

“Hand over the antidote, or I’ll kill you right now.” Liu Fu pressed a sharp dagger against her neck, his eyes cruel.

It seemed as if he would really kill her right away if she refused to hand over the antidote.

Lu Liangwei sneered. “Then go ahead and kill me. It’s not a huge loss for me, since your master’s dying together with me.”

“You!” Liu Fu was enraged and taken aback by her composure in the face of death.

“If you want to kill me, make it quick and neat,” said Lu Liangwei disdainfully.

Jiang Chong made his way over with an arm around Long Chi. “Forget it. Let’s help Master into the carriage first. He’ll deal with her when he wakes up.”

“But…” Liu Fu frowned hesitantly.

Their master was unconscious, and they had no idea whether or not the poison would kill him.

Naturally, Jiang Chong had the same concern. He shot a menacing glare in Lu Liangwei’s direction and said darkly, “If anything happens to Master, we’ll kill her and bury her together with him. I’m sure he won’t be mad at us. After all, Master’s just a lone man, unlike her. She has a family and newborn children; if she dies, her family will be heartbroken.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to laugh, but she replied, “No need to provoke me. Your master’s not going to die so fast, but it’s still a slow-acting poison. Without my antidote, he’s not going to survive.” Unfortunately, the medicine ball only contained non-lethal coma-inducing medicine.

Hearing this, Jiang Chong and Liu Fu heaved sighs of relief.

However, when they realized what she actually meant, they grew worried again.

In other words, their master’s life was now in her hands.

Without another word, they carried Long Chi into the carriage, then threw Lu Liangwei in after him.

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