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Chapter 1157: Her Greatest Aid In Leaving The Yan Kingdom

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The woman was shocked at her words. Her gaze dimmed as she lowered her head self-deprecatingly.

Lu Liangwei was looking at the left side of her face.

There was a nasty scar there which covered a small portion of her face.

Lu Liangwei could tell that the scar was caused by a sharp object.

If Lu Liangwei were to treat her, the scar could be diminished.

She removed her chains from the woman’s neck and said gently, “Do you want to try it? You won’t suffer any losses even if we don’t succeed, but if I successfully get rid of the scar on your face, it would be a wonderful thing for you.”

The woman was dressed well and elegantly. Lu Liangwei guessed she must be the mistress of this Prince’s mansion.

However, there was a slight look of grievance in her eyes. It gave the impression that she was not happy with her life and had been left in the cold for a long time.

The woman gave a soulful sigh after hearing Lu Liangwei’s words. She looked at Lu Liangwei’s beautiful face and could not help but feel envious. She said nonchalantly, “I’ll actually willingly help you out of the mansion even if you don’t treat me.”

A small smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. “The most dangerous place is always the safest! If I escape the mansion now, there’s no guarantee that I will succeed. I don’t have anything to do at the moment and if you don’t mistreat me and just keep me by your side, I’ll be able to treat your face, Princess Consort.”

Lu Liangwei did not truly believe that this woman would help her unconditionally.

She was alone in a foreign country and the only person she could trust was herself.

If this woman were to owe her a debt, then maybe she would help Lu Liangwei more sincerely.

That was why Lu Liangwei decided to scrap her initial plans of escaping the Prince Rui Mansion.

The other reason was that she was not familiar with the Yan Kingdom and did not have any money on her. There was a chance that she would end up captured by Long Chi again before managing to leave the capital city.

If that happened, it would be difficult to find another opportunity to escape.

This woman in front of her might be her greatest aid in leaving the Yan Kingdom.

The woman was slightly astonished to hear her words. “How did you know who I am?”

“You have a noble and elegant charisma about you, and I can’t imagine anyone in this mansion but the Princess Consort whose status could match up to you.” A knowing glint shone in Lu Liangwei’s clear eyes.

The woman’s face was the giveaway to her identity. If the woman was just an ordinary maid, she would have been thrown out of the mansion long ago. With a face as damaged as hers but still being allowed to walk around the Prince’s mansion, there was no other person than the Princess Consort Rui that Lu Liangwei could think of who could get this treatment.

“It’s not often that one would meet a girl as pretty and as sweet-mouthed as you.” It took a while for Princess Consort Rui to say this. “Alright. It’s not safe here. Come with me.”

Lu Liangwei knew that Princess Consort Rui had been convinced by her and immediately agreed. She followed behind and together they went back to her place.

She was indeed the Princess Consort Rui, Yuan Xin.

The courtyard she stayed in was large. Due to her damaged face, she did not see others often and had developed a distant and cold personality. She stayed on her own and not many outsiders would be here besides a few close maidservants.

When her maids saw her return with a new woman, they were quite curious, but did not think too much about it.

Even then, Yuan Xin still gave them some instructions.

“This is my guest. Do not speak of her when you’re out. If I find out that someone dares let slip of this, do not blame me for taking harsh action.”

Her eyes swept sternly at all the maids when she said this.

All of her maids immediately voiced their understanding respectfully.

Lu Liangwei followed Yuan Xin into the room and gave her a look of surprise.

She did not expect a woman with somewhat low self-esteem to have such a way of controlling her servants.

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