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Chapter 1168: Be In His Hands

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There were a few servants busying about in the courtyard. Long Chi narrowed his eyes and suddenly tossed the medicinal ball.

Beitang Rui was still confused as to what Long Chi was trying to do when he suddenly heard a loud, explosive bang.

The next thing he knew, thick smoke covered the whole area and he did not even have time to react before he heard Long Chi shout, “Cover your mouth and nose, Prince Rui. We might be far away, but we will fall unconscious if the smoke drifts over and gets inhaled.”

Right as Long Chi said this, Beitang Rui saw a few of his servants not far away fall heavily to the ground.

“What’s going on?” Shocked, he was about to go over to them to see what was happening when Long Chi stopped him. Long Chi covered his mouth and nose with a handkerchief while explaining, “They have fallen unconscious from inhaling the coma-inducing smoke, but their lives aren’t in danger.”

Beitang Rui was in disbelief. He tried to say something but was promptly pulled away by Long Chi into the study.

When they were inside, Beitang Rui collected his thoughts. “How does that ball have so much power?” Even though it was not lethal, it could still render any enemy defenseless, enabling them to have complete control of their enemies in battle.

Beitang Rui was suddenly excited at this thought and he looked at Long Chi with enthusiasm. “How many of these balls do you have?”

“I have only a few with me.” Long Chi had not planned to reveal this, but Beitang Rui was now suspicious of who Lu Liangwei was and he had no choice but to use these medicinal balls to distract Beitang Rui from her true identity.

Beitang Rui immediately caught on. “These balls were made by that woman?”

“Yes.” Long Chi nodded. He could no longer hide it at this point. He needed to convince Beitang Rui that it was worthwhile having him around if he wanted Beitang Rui to put more effort into finding Lu Liangwei.

“This is incredible!” Beitang Rui said admiringly. “How could there be a woman with such abilities?” It was no wonder Long Chi and Wanyan Jin were so concerned over this woman. She was not just a pretty face after all.

He could not resist thinking about getting the woman.

If he could use that woman’s abilities, the Emperor’s seat would surely be in his hands.

Long Chi could tell what Beitang Rui was thinking about based on his reaction.

If Lu Liangwei had been by Long Chi’s side helping him when he started the rebellion, he would already be ruling over Great Shang instead of suffering his current predicament.

“Don’t be too happy yet, Prince Rui. That woman is currently missing. If Wanyan Jin found her first, it would be bad news.” Even though Long Chi was not pleased with the man’s enthusiasm for Lu Liangwei, he did not comment on it. The most important thing right now was to find the girl.

Beitang Rui seemed to only remember that when Long Chi reminded him of it. “That’s right. The most important thing right now is to find her. I’ll call for more men to increase the search area. If we can’t find her in the city, we’ll look for her at the borders of the frontier.” At this, he was reminded of Wanyan Jin’s words. If Wanyan Jin was in charge, he would search the mansion again.

This thought convinced Beitang Rui to conduct another search within the mansion.

Tranquil Fragrance Garden.

Lu Liangwei passed her written letter to Yuan Xin.

She did not write too much on it.

To hide her identity, all she wrote was a few words, ‘I’m at the Prince Rui Mansion in the Yan Kingdom.’

Lin Qingyuan would recognize her writing and she would promptly inform His Majesty.

Lu Liangwei did not bother to fold her letter up and allowed Yuan Xin to openly read it.

Yuan Xin would surely see the contents even if she did not want to read it.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to deliver the letter. It will arrive at Great Shang’s imperial capital very soon.”

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