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Chapter 117: As If She Had Touched A Hot Potato

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Chapter 117: As If She Had Touched A Hot Potato

Just when Lu Liangwei thought that she was going to die in the serpent’s jaws, her stiff body was pulled back by a powerful force, and in the next instant, an arrow of light streaked past her eyes and shot toward the serpent’s mouth.

It was Long Yang’s sword.

The blade’s razor-sharp force pierced the air with a cold, blinding gleam, vanishing into the serpent’s mouth.


The serpent bellowed, and in a fit of madness, it lifted its huge tail and swept it toward both of them.

Narrowing his eyes, Long Yang seized Lu Liangwei and avoided it quickly.

However, the serpent had already gone into a frenzy following the devastating wound it suffered. After its first strike missed, it curled its tail again and swept it toward them a second time.

Long Yang dodged the attacks swiftly with Lu Liangwei in his arms.

Chu Yi had already picked up his broadsword and aimed a slash at the serpent’s body.

However, the serpent’s body was covered in thick and hard scales, making it impossible to wound it with one blow. Instead, the strike only provoked it into a greater state of rage.

Its enormous tail lashed out at the party relentlessly.

After dodging another wave of attacks, Lu Liangwei finally recovered from her stunned mental state. She held onto Long Yang’s waist subconsciously and shouted to Chu Yi, “Don’t strike its back! Aim for the abdomen.”

There were thick scales on the back, and only the abdomen was soft.

Lost in the intensity of the moment, she barely registered her own actions, let alone Long Yang’s dazed expression.

Long Yang’s body was a little stiff, not accustomed to having his waist hugged by the girl’s soft arms, but he did not push her away and instead clasped her shoulders tightly.

Chu Yi was already drenched in sweat after several failed attempts at killing the serpent and being chased around. When he heard Lu Liangwei’s voice, he regained his composure and tightened his grip on his broadsword. Leaping into the air, he slashed his weapon at the serpent’s abdomen.

Sure enough, the abdomen was softer compared to the scaled back.

Chu Yi dodged the serpent’s tail and successfully landed a strike on its abdomen.

Blood immediately spewed out from the serpent’s wound, showering Chu Yi, who could not get away in time, from head to toe. However, he did not hesitate to pull out his broadsword and deal a heavy follow-up blow to the serpent.

Having suffered several injuries one after the other, the serpent let out a deafening roar, then suddenly lifted its tail and swept it with all its strength.

Chu Yi, who had not retreated in time, was thrown off the cliff. Long Yang, who was standing by the side, reacted quickly by grabbing Lu Liangwei and leaping upward, barely dodging the serpent’s attack.

The serpent was already at its limit after being wounded consecutively. After its last desperate strike, it fell heavily to the ground with a thud.

Long Yang landed back down with Lu Liangwei in his arms.

Watching the death throes of the dying serpent, Lu Liangwei was still unable to recover from her shock.

It had been a close call. If Long Yang had not protected her, the serpent’s jaws would have been the end for her.

Filled with gratitude, she turned to the man and said, “Thank you for saving my life once again, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang did not look at her and was staring down at something else instead.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei looked down as well.

With one glance, her face reddened, and she immediately withdrew her hands as if she had touched a hot potato.

She bit her lip in frustration. Why did she hug Long Yang?

Her dramatic reaction brought Long Yang back to his senses. He raised his eyes and glanced at her, the corners of his mouth curving upward when he saw her flushed face and her beautiful eyes darting around to avoid his gaze. “No need to thank me. You only got into danger because you were picking the guiding herb for me.”

“Oh,” Lu Liangwei responded vaguely. Suddenly remembering something, she hurriedly ran to the edge of the cliff and said anxiously, “Chu Yi fell off the cliff. What should we do now?”

Long Yang’s expression also became grave. He peered over the cliff and said, “You wait here. I’ll go down and take a look.”

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