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Chapter 1177: Filled Them With Shock And Fury

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Hearing that, Lu Liangwei wept tears of delight, and her entire face lit up with rapture.

Her darling Ji’er was finally back home safe and sound! How she wished she had a pair of wings so she could fly home right now!

Wiping her tears away, she threw her arms around Chu Jiu, her words coming out in a babble. “I’m so glad… Ji’er’s all right, thank heavens… Jiu, I’m just so happy.”

She could not stop her tears from spilling down her cheeks as she spoke.

Her tears smudged her makeup and turned it into a terrible mess, but her eyes shone brighter than ever.

“Yes, Princess Ji’er has returned safely.” Chu Jiu could empathize with her, and her eyes were red-rimmed as well.

She could never forget the Empress’s bloodshot eyes—it was as if blood would trickle out of them at any moment—the day Manna broke into the palace and told her about what she had done to Princess Ji’er.

The Empress really loved her children a lot!

Thank goodness Princess Ji’er managed to return in one piece, or it would have been too cruel of a fate for the Empress to bear.

Looking at the woman weeping with joy, Long Xuan smiled. He was genuinely happy for her as well.

After some time, when Lu Liangwei had finally calmed down, Long Xuan offered considerately, “Royal Aunt, there’s hot water ready indoors. You can have a bath and some food first. If there’s anything you want to ask about Princess Ji’er, we’ll do our best to tell you everything we know.”

Lu Liangwei recollected herself, a little embarrassed when she realized how unkempt she was right now.

“Very well.”

Just then, Chu Jiu’s gaze landed on the chains around her wrists, and she frowned. “Your Highness, let me try to cut your chains.”

They had noticed the chains when they had encountered the Empress just now, and the sight had filled them with shock and fury.

How dare Long Chi treat the Empress like this?

Lu Liangwei tugged at the chains in her hands, her face impassive. “No need to waste your effort. These chains are made of some kind of special material and can’t be broken.”

Long Xuan furrowed his brow. “We can still try.” Royal Uncle’s heart would break down if he were to find out about the torture Royal Aunt had gone through.

Lu Liangwei considered the idea for a while before nodding and lifting the chains. “All right then.”

“Let me try first.” Chu Jiu drew her sword, channeled her internal strength into it, then raised it and brought it down onto the chains.


The metals scraped against each other and produced a grating sound, but the chains remained intact.

The second time Chu Jiu hacked them, her sword simply snapped in two.

She stared at the broken sword in her hands, appalled. “What are these chains made of? How can they be so strong?”

Unwilling to give up, she raised her broken sword to slash the chains again, but Long Xuan stopped her. “Let me try this time.”

Chu Jiu had no choice but to step back with her broken sword in hand.

Long Xuan had greater internal strength than Chu Jiu, but after he used the same method to cut the chains, they still did not show any sign of breaking.

Reluctant to accept the outcome, he hacked away another three consecutive times, producing a shower of sparks. However, the chains remained as solid as ever, whereas the blade of his sword was chipped in a few places.

His sword was no ordinary weapon, but not only did it fail to break the chains, its blade was also damaged—though it did not snap in two like Chu Jiu’s sword.

He looked at the damaged sword in his hands sheepishly, then turned to Lu Liangwei apologetically. “I apologize for my inability, Royal Aunt. I couldn’t break the chains.”

Lu Liangwei had already expected this outcome. “It’s all right. Don’t beat yourselves up over it.”

“Was it that b*stard Long Chi who put these chains on you?” Long Xuan was infuriated.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “That’s right.”

“In that case, he’s definitely holding the key to the chains,” said Chu Jiu.

Both Chu Jiu and Long Xuan had great internal strength, yet they could not sever the chains. Was Long Chi’s key really the only thing that could remove them?

“I’ll go and get the best locksmith to remove the chains tomorrow.” Noticing the change in her mood, Long Xuan quickly reassured her.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No need to trouble yourself. It won’t work. Yuan Xin already called over a locksmith to remove these chains a while ago, but there was nothing the man could do.”

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