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Chapter 1194: 1194

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Lu Liangwei turned her head to give him a glance. “I’m glad you’ve finally stopped mistaking me for someone else.”

Wanyan Jin continued to stare at her as he said implicatively, “It’s true that there are plenty of people who look alike in this world, but it’s rare to see someone who looks exactly like my beloved concubine.”

Chu Jiu’s eyes flashed murderously at the suggestiveness in his tone.

Lu Liangwei pressed a hand on top of hers and shot Wanyan Jin a look. “To be honest, it’s also rare to see someone as shameless as you, Prince Wanyan.”

Instead of angering Wanyan Jin, her words merely deepened his smile. He then said to Beitang Rui, “Prince Rui, I have other business to attend to, so I’m afraid I’ll have to excuse myself first.”

“Of course! Don’t let us keep you, Prince Wanyan.” Beitang Rui nodded.

“Then I’ll be waiting for you at the coaching inn, Miss Lu Er,” Wanyan Jin said to Lu Liangwei before riding off with his guards, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake.

Long Xuan waved away the dust in front of his face, scoffing. “Savages will always be savages. How dreadfully uncultured!”

When the dust had finally settled, Beitang Rui put his hand down and said to Lu Liangwei, “There’s something that I still don’t understand, Miss, and I hope you can enlighten me.”

“Ask away, Prince Rui.” Lu Liangwei kept her handkerchief over her nose and mouth, which muffled her voice.

“You’ve just arrived in the capital city, and I don’t think we’ve met before, so how do you know who I am?” Beitang Rui asked candidly.

Lu Liangwei winked and replied in amusement, “I never said that I just arrived in the capital city. In fact, I’ve stayed in your mansion for a few days, and I even got along pretty well with your consort. Besides, we’ve actually met before, so of course I know who you are!”

“You…” Although Beitang Rui had already guessed the truth, he was still taken aback to hear her admit it so readily; he thought she would deny it until the end.

“In that case, were you lying when you said you were an envoy?” He cocked an eyebrow.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Of course not. Our Emperor did order the West Reigning General to visit your kingdom.”

Long Xuan immediately took out his token of authority and showed it to Beitang Rui.

Beitang Rui scanned it briefly. The words “West Reigning General” were engraved on the token, serving as indisputable evidence of his identity.

“Then why did you and Long Chi…” Beitang Rui was bewildered.

Lu Liangwei sighed. “The truth is, we’re not here just to celebrate the Yan Emperor’s birthday. Our Emperor gave us another mission.”

“What mission?”

“I’m sure you know about Long Chi’s past rebellion attempt, Prince Rui. After he was defeated, he fled to your kingdom, and after receiving the news, our Emperor sent us here to offer birthday wishes to your Emperor and also use it as an opportunity to kill Long Chi. Unfortunately, I failed to assassinate him and ended up being caught by him.” Lu Liangwei conjured up a story on the spot.

Beitang Rui looked at her dubiously. “Is that really true?”

“Of course it is.” Lu Liangwei met his gaze head-on.

Beitang Rui furrowed his brow. “Then Long Chi…”

“We killed him,” Lu Liangwei answered airily.

Beitang Rui was alarmed. “You…”

“From what I know, you’re good friends with Long Chi. Now that you know he’s dead, are you going to avenge him?”

Beitang Rui calmed down, and after a while, replied, “I’m in no position to avenge him.”

“I’m glad you understand, Prince Rui.” Lu Liangwei pretended to look relieved. Just then, she spotted a carriage ahead and exclaimed, “Hey, that looks like Princess Consort Rui’s carriage.”

Hearing this, Beitang Rui immediately glanced over in that direction. Sure enough, Yuan Xin’s personal carriage was right there in front of them.

A frown creased his forehead, and he cantered forward, no longer bothering to elicit more information from Lu Liangwei.

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