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Chapter 1206: For My Wife

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“Very well,” replied Long Yang, a gentle expression on his face. Those two definitely deserved all the credit.

Lu Liangwei looked at the sky and realized, to her surprise, that it was already evening. She leaned into the man’s arms and whined, “I’m hungry.”

“Then let’s go and have dinner.” Long Yang caressed her cheek affectionately and helped her up.

The next day, Yuan Xin came to the coaching inn to hang out with Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei had been unable to leave the coaching inn for some time now, and they had been forced to stay indoors.

Now that the ban was lifted, Yuan Xin invited Lu Liangwei to go shopping with her.

Lu Liangwei looked at Long Yang for approval. Long Yang had been unwilling to let her leave his line of sight ever since he found her, but it would be strange for him to tag along with two women on their shopping trip.

Just when he was about to tell her to bring Chu Jiu along and return early, Beitang Rui walked up to them.

Yuan Xin’s face clouded over when she saw him. “What are you doing here?”

Beitang Rui did not seem to notice her expression as he answered, “I was worried when I heard you only brought a handful of servants. I happen to be free today, so I can accompany you anywhere you want to go.”

The corners of Long Yang’s mouth twitched, and he took Lu Liangwei’s hand. “Let’s go.” Since Beitang Rui wanted to join them, he could finally tag along without being awkward.

He led Lu Liangwei out of the coaching inn.

Yuan Xin glared at Beitang Rui in annoyance. “I didn’t know you had so much free time on your hands.”

“They’re leaving. Aren’t you going to follow them?” Beitang Rui paid no mind to her attitude and gave her a gentle reminder instead.

Yuan Xin immediately stopped bickering with him and hurried out after them.

However, her pleasant mood that day had certainly been ruined.

When she saw the man following her, she said sarcastically, “Since you’re so free, why aren’t you spending time with Concubine Shangguan?”

“Lei’er doesn’t need my company,” replied Beitang Rui nonchalantly.

Yuan Xin rolled her eyes at his pet name for her.

Ignoring the bitterness in her heart, she turned away from him and jogged to catch up with Lu Liangwei.

Noticing her grumpy expression and seeing Beitang Rui treading on her heels, Lu Liangwei squeezed Long Yang’s hand as a hint for him to step away for a moment.

Long Yang let go of her hand reluctantly and fell behind her.

Soon, Beitang Rui fell in step beside him.

He had heard a few things about this envoy from Great Shang.

Apparently, he was Miss Lu Er’s husband, and he was extremely fond of her.

He could not help turning his head to eye him. This man exuded a commanding and distinguished air, and he did not seem like a mere envoy at all. In fact, Beitang Rui felt slightly overpowered just by standing beside him.

The feeling was even more intense than what he felt in his own father’s presence.

Was this man really an ordinary official?

Dubiously, he called out, “Minister Lin?”

“Yes, Prince Rui?” Long Yang glanced at him.

“You didn’t come here mainly to celebrate our Emperor’s birthday, did you?”

“Of course not.”

Although Beitang Rui had already guessed the truth, he was still surprised to see him admit to it so frankly.

“I’d appreciate an explanation.”

“I’m here for my wife.” Long Yang’s gaze fell on the girl walking ahead. The Yan Kingdom meant nothing to him; if it were not for Weiwei, he would never give a hoot about the Yan Emperor’s birthday.

“She’s just a woman,” Beitang Rui remarked disapprovingly.

However, right after he uttered those words, he felt an oppressive aura weighing down upon him.

He looked at “Minister Lin” in bewilderment, only to hear him say, “I can tell that you care greatly for Princess Consort Rui, but if you continue to belittle women like this, you’ll never win her heart.”

Beitang Rui flushed furiously. “Nonsense! When have I ever cared for Yuan Xin? Stop being so full of yourself!”

Instead of getting angry, Long Yang threw him a sympathetic glance. “You can’t even face your own feelings? I expected more from you, Prince Rui.”

Beitang Rui seethed, but he could not find any words to counter him.

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