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Chapter 1212: She Had To Take Responsibility

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Chu Jiu could not fully understand this, but she could not deny that Lu Liangwei’s words were far beyond her imagination.

She always believed that it was a total disaster for a woman to get married and was now even more convinced of her decision to remain unmarried.

“By the way, did His Majesty leave the coaching inn?” she asked casually. The matter suddenly crossed Lu Liangwei’s mind after she was done washing her face and putting on her self-made moisturizer.

“The Prime Minister has arrived and His Majesty is having a discussion with him in the waiting room,” Chu Jiu replied. She stood behind Lu Liangwei, watching as she wiped her face and combed her hair in a relaxed manner.

After Lu Liangwei was done, she noticed Chu Jiu staring at her. Lu Liangwei paused for a moment as she thought of something. Then she quickly extracted a box from a pile of stuff she had bought the day before. “Jiu, I bought this specially for you yesterday. I hope you like it.”

“What is it?” Chu Jiu took the box and examined it.

“Open it and see.” Lu Liangwei encouraged her.

Chu Jiu opened the box.

She was taken aback when she saw what was inside. Her fingers instinctively reached inside to touch it, but then she quickly withdrew her hand.

Lu Liangwei noticed her reaction and said gently, “Jiu, even though you look charismatic and dashing when you dress like a man, you’re still a woman at the end of the day. You should pamper yourself a bit more. Wear some feminine clothes in the future.”

Chi Jiu eyed the light green dress in the box. She could not get used to it. “Thank you for your kind thoughts, Your Highness. I’ll… wear it in the future.”

Lu Liangwei knew that Chu Jiu was not accustomed to such dresses. She was used to men’s apparel and it was difficult for the woman to suddenly change into feminine garments. With that in mind, Lu Liangwei said, “Alright, but you have to accept this dress. You can put it on whenever you feel like it.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Chu Jiu was relieved that Lu Liangwei did not force her to wear it.

Lu Liangwei was amused. “Girls usually love pretty dresses, but when it comes to you, it’s like some huge calamity is forced upon you.” She shook her head exasperatedly. However, Lu Liangwei suddenly frowned when she examined Chu Jiu’s face. “You haven’t been taking care of your skin recently. Just look at it, it’s become rather rough now.”

After that, Lu Liangwei personally brought a basin of water into the room and forced Chu Jiu to sit down in front of the dresser. She cleaned Chu Jiu’s face and then helped her put on several layers of moisturizer carefully.

“It’s fine if you aren’t used to dresses, but you should at least take better care of your face.”

Chu Jiu remained very passive the entire time and allowed Lu Liangwei to do whatever she wanted to her face.

Chu Jiu was born with good skin, but it had turned coarse because she did not take good care of it.

However, Lu Liangwei knew that Chu Jiu had ended up like this because of her.

While she was in the imperial capital, Chu Jiu would take care of her skin whenever Lu Liangwei reminded her to, but during this recent period, Long Xuan and Chu Jiu had their hands full trying to find her, which was why Chu Jiu did not have any time for skincare.

Moreover, Chu Jiu’s skin condition had worsened after being exposed to different weather.

Lu Liangwei felt she had to take responsibility for the state of Chu Jiu’s face. At this thought, she decided to make some moisturizing face masks in the afternoon if there was free time. She had to make sure Chu Jiu’s face turned fairer.

Chu Jiu remained patient until Lu Liangwei was done busying herself with Chu Jiu’s face before finally saying, “Aren’t you hungry?”

The question made Lu Liangwei suddenly realize that she had not taken her breakfast. It was now already noon, so she decided she might as well have lunch instead.

“Check if His Majesty is done with work. I’ll have my meal with him.”

Chu Jiu had just stepped out of the room when she saw Long Yang return. She turned back to inform Lu Liangwei about this and headed off to arrange for lunch to be served.

The moment Long Yang entered the room, a slender figure came running into his arms.

He welcomed her into his embrace and a delighted look flashed in his eyes. “What are you so happy about?”

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