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Chapter 1215: Long Yang’s Intentions

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Long Yang looked at her evasive eyes. He neither agreed nor disagreed.

Lu Liangwei was secretly relieved, thinking she had managed to avoid this crisis.

When dinner time approached, however, she spotted a pot of wine and two wine cups on the table. That was when she realized that His Majesty did not accept her suggestion.

She was a little wary when she saw the wine pot. She wondered what exactly His Majesty was trying to do.

Lu Liangwei darted a look at him as she sat on the chair.

Long Yang seemed to have forgotten the presence of the wine as he served her a bowl of soup and got her to have that first.

Relieved, Lu Liangwei quietly drank her soup.

When they were almost done with dinner, Long Yang suddenly picked up the pot of wine and poured her a cup. “This is osmanthus wine which is suitable for women. You should have some.” With that, he poured a full cup and placed it in front of her. A smile flashed in his eyes. “Don’t worry. It isn’t that strong.”

Lu Liangwei looked at the wine in the cup when she heard this and discovered that this wine was indeed different from the usual type. It looked a little thicker than regular wine.

Her fingers reached out to touch the cup—she found it warm.

Since he had said that this wine was not particularly strong, she picked up the cup and took a small sip.

It tasted sweet in her mouth and was not as potent as other liquor. She found the taste rather pleasant and could not help taking another sip.

Long Yang watched her sipping carefully and realized something. His little Empress really could not hold her liquor.

He did not stop her when he saw her taking a sip after another.

Osmanthus wine may be sweet and easy on the palette, and was indeed not as strong as other liquor, but it had a formidable kick at the end.

Those who were not used to drinking would get drunk the moment the alcohol took effect.

He poured himself a cup and enjoyed it slowly.

Osmanthus wine was too sweet for him and not strong enough for his liking, but it still felt nice to accompany Weiwei for a drink.

Lu Liangwei had finished an entire cup without realizing it.

She could not get enough of that smooth, sweet flavor, and her gaze moved toward the pot of wine next to Long Yang’s hand.

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips when he noticed this. “Do you want more?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.” She handed the cup to him as she said this.

Long Yang smiled. “If you like it, have a couple more cups.” He lifted the pot and filled up her cup once more.

Lu Liangwei hastily grabbed the cup as though she had just been given a great treasure.

A pleased look flashed in his eyes when Long Yang noticed the slight blush appearing on her face. “Drink up.”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei replied as she picked up the drink, finishing it in a gulp.

Long Yang refilled her cup once more.

Without realizing it, Lu Liangwei had already drunk three cups.

She felt her face burning and began to fall into a slight daze.

Lu Liangwei shook her head and touched her cheeks with her hand. She suspected she was drunk and could not help complaining, “Didn’t you say this wine isn’t strong?”

“It isn’t.” Long Yang was already seated by her side. He pulled her into his arms. “Didn’t you have three full cups?”

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought. He was right. If this was some other wine, she would have been knocked out drunk after one cup. If she could drink three cups of this wine, it meant that it was not really that strong.

However, she felt her entire body go limp and she did not feel like moving. She could only lie in Long Yang’s arms as her pretty eyes closed gently.

“Do you want more?” Long Yang’s voice was soft and gentle as he coerced her.

Lu Liangwei pressed her temple with her hand as she shook her head. “No, I just want to sleep.”

Long Yang lowered his head, watching the girl concede defeat to the wine. His arms tightened around her waist. “There’s still half a pot left. It would be a pity if we don’t drink it. Let’s finish it before going to bed. Does that sound good?”

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