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Chapter 1225: With Weiwei In His Life, He Felt Contented

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He was completely unaware that a certain Emperor had just put him on a mental list for future beheading while he was lost in the memory of a smile from that particular beauty.

Lu Liangwei suddenly hissed with pain. She turned to see the man glaring unhappily at her. His iron-like arms were gripping her tightly around the waist.

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. Long Yang looked like he had just caught his wife cheating.

She burst out with a laugh at the thought of this, but this seemed to only make him more upset as he continued to glare at her.

“Lu—Liang—Wei!” The man leaned in right next to her ear and hissed these words through clenched teeth.

Lu Liangwei felt his moist breath on her ear and it tickled her slightly. Fearing that he would get more intimate with her under public scrutiny, she quietly reached out a hand under the table toward him and pinched him on the thigh. She tried to calm him down, saying softly “I’ve added a little something extra in his drink. There will be a good show for us later.”

Long Yang’s body suddenly turned tense.

It was not because of her words, but was caused by her actions.

His gaze deepened as he looked at her.

Lu Liangwei was quietly relieved when she saw he had calmed down and she took the opportunity to prise his arms away from her waist.

Long Yang poured himself a cup of wine and began to drink, which helped to keep his desire for her in check.

The Emperor of the Yan Kingdom and his concubines arrived after a while. All of the Yan Kingdom’s officials and womenfolk stood up and bowed at him.

As Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were from the Great Shang envoy, they did not get up.

The Yan Kingdom Emperor noticed this but did not look displeased.

He had already met Long Yang a few days before.

That man had given off an aura that put the Yan Kingdom Emperor on edge. On top of that, he was sent here by Great Shang, so the Emperor chose to turn a blind eye to him.

The Yan Kingdom Emperor looked close to sixty years old, but he had many concubines behind him, and most of them were quite young. The Emperor, meanwhile, walked in a rather unstable manner and looked like his body could give out on him at any time. It was clear that his body was corrupted from wasting his days away on women and wine.

This comparison made Lu Liangwei cherish the man next to her even more.

They were both Emperors, but Long Yang exercised self-control and kept his integrity. His entire harem only consisted of Lu Liangwei and she was the only person getting pampered there.

Her gaze swept across those concubines and she felt a tinge of pity for them

She noticed that the youngest concubine was about her age.

This thought made Lu Liangwei realize how lucky she was.

She turned to look at the man next to her. A warm feeling welled within her; she could not resist slipping her hand into his palm, locking her fingers in his.

Long Yang noticed a slight change in her emotions. He lowered his head to see their joined hands and seemed to understand something after that. A small smile appeared on his lips. He would have embraced her in his arms and given her a good dose of love if they were not currently attending this function.

He did not envy the Yan Kingdom Emperor at all, but found the man pitiful instead.

What was the point of having so many beauties surrounding him? Those women did not even care for him.

There were times when Long Yang felt that he was the fortunate one.

He felt blessed to have met Weiwei.

With Weiwei in his life, he felt contented.

The banquet began soon. It started with the princes and princesses presenting their gifts.

Lu Liangwei found this a little boring. She ate her meal while observing the Yan Kingdom Emperor on his throne.

It was said that the late Emperor had wanted the throne to be passed to the only son of the Crown Prince upon his death, but the boy had disappeared and could not be found. Without another descendent, the throne was instead given to the man who was the current Emperor.

This Emperor was only a member of the royal family and was a distant cousin of the Yan Kingdom’s late Emperor.

According to Long Yang, the will left behind by the late Emperor stated that if the late Crown Prince’s son could be found, the current Emperor would need to follow the will accordingly and return the throne to the rightful person.

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